BUS 2504 Connect with a Mentor (Fall 2022)

Mentoring Conversations


This initiative is aimed at supporting our students in as they work on their Digital Portfolio WordPress assignment to highlight their skills and experience. The students will greatly benefit from insights shared by engaging in “mentoring conversations” with alumni.

Students (mentees) will be connected with grads (mentors) through LinkedIn and will plan to meet online for an hour to share insights through a “mentoring conversation”. Each student can have access to one mentor and each mentor will be asked to connect with one student.

The meeting can take place in-person or virtually using a platform of your choice, at a time that’s mutually convenient for both.

Mentors will:

  • Share insights about work experience, current job, and the industry
  • Brainstorm ideas with their mentee on how to improve the content of their digital portfolio
  • Answer any other career-related questions the mentee may have

Mentors will NOT:

  • Complete any school work for their assigned mentees
  • Answer technical WordPress questions
  • Create or provide content for the digital portfolio

Find a Mentor:

  • The following sheet contains a list of mentors who volunteered to support this project
  • Let me know who you would like to connect with by inserting a comment on the name cell of your chosen mentor as shown in the screenshot: right-click the name cell of your chosen mentor, include your full name, LinkedIn profile, and your email address, and I will update the sheet with your name and info
  • Note that we can assign only ONE student per mentor, please choose a mentor who has not been already booked
  • Once mentor-mentee assignments have been confirmed, I will share follow-up instructions to connect with your assigned mentors

Tips for your meeting with your mentor:

  • We had asked our mentors for one hour of their time. Please be respectful of their time, and go prepared with good questions
  • Make sure you keep your camera on throughout the meeting
  • Ask your mentor for permission to take a picture to include in your blog post
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash