BUS 2504 Final Group Project (Fall 2022)

Sinful Desserts Website

You are required to work in groups, and develop an e-commerce website for our client using Shopify.

Your Task

You will be working with your team on developing a Shopify website for your client, based on the four phases discussed in class (refer to the slides for details)

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Development & Testing
  4. Deployment & Training


  • Include a disclaimer in the footer “This website is a school project
  • Do not include Humber’s contact info, map, phone, or email

Project Phases & Deliverables

Phase 1: Discovery (5%)

Deliverable: Proposal

  • Max 2 pages PDF, refer to slide 26
  • The proposal needs to be completed after meeting your client
  • Include the list of questions you had prepared for your Discovery Call
  • Submission: Through BB

Phase 2: Design (5%)

Deliverable: Themes

  • Include 3-5 suggested free themes that are aligned with your client’s goals for the website, and explain how each theme meets the client’s requirements in terms of both style and functionality
  • You must copy and paste the full URL instead of inserting it as a hyperlink as BB Ultra doesn’t allow me to access hyperlinks through PDFs, and I will copy and paste the link in a browser
  • Submission: Through BB (max 2 pages PDF)

Phase 3: Development (10%)

Account Details: Create a free Gmail account for your client using a generic business name (for example HumberWebsiteProject2022, and a generic password (for example HumberProject@2022), and a free Shopify account using that email. Submit the usernames and passwords for both Gmail and Shopify with your deliverables below.

Deliverables: Website & Presentation

Submission through Blackboard:

  • Submission textbox: Link to your final free Shopify website
  • Two Attachments (PDF):
    1. Account Details PDF: include the username and password for both Gmail and Shopify
    2. Group Reflection PDF: this is your “project post-mortem” or “lessons learned”, one page with two sections: what went right & what went wrong. Use point form and include pictures of the process when possible (for example brainstorming meetings)

Presentation day: 15 min presentation