BUS 2504 Final Group Project (Fall 2023)

99 Ideas Information Website

You are required to work in groups and develop an information website for our clients using a free website building tool of your choice, based on the four phases discussed in class (refer to the slides for details)

Our clients are students of the BME 5001 Entrepreneurship Fundamentals course, Business Management Entrepreneurial Enterprise program.

More information and details about this collaboration are available on HumberOnline.Solutions.

Phase 1 – week 8

Deliverable: information website

The following are the minimum required pages for the website (content will be provided by your client, except for the Blog):

  1. Homepage
  2. Meet the Teams
  3. The product / business idea
  4. Blog: this part is to be completed by the BUS 2504 students (in collaboration with your client as you see fit). You are required to write one amazing blog post about this cross-program collaborative experience, the process, the teams, how AI was used for this assignment, and anything else you found interesting. Think of this as a story that can be published in our Dean’s Newsletter about this collaboration. Make sure you include pictures.


  • Use a free web building platform of your choice
  • Include only original media or royalty free (Unsplash, Pexels)
  • Do NOT include a contact page or Humber’s address
  • Include a disclaimer in the footer “This is a school project”
  • Make sure the website is published/public before you submit for marking

Using AI tools for Content Creation (OPTIONAL)

You can use an AI tool to generate your content, this includes text for the website, images, and your blog post (yes! let’s try an AI generated blog post). If you choose this option, please note the following:

  • AI generated content (text, images, video) must be verified with your client team to make sure it accurately represents their product and brand
  • All AI generated content must be properly credited with a link to the AI tool. For example: if you choose to use AI to generate the blog post, please mention that on the blog post with a link to the tool

Phase 2 – week 13


  • Lessons learned
  • Use of AI (before and after human editing)
  • Hand-off documentation (how to maintain the website…etc to make it a sustainable solution)