BUS 2504 Final Group Project (Winter 2022)

WordPress Information Website

You are required to work in groups, and develop an information website for our client using WordPress.com (personal free account).

Our clients are students of the BAKE 253 Bakery Management and Entrepreneurship course. Read more about the project here.

Your Task

You will be working with your team on developing a WordPress.com website for your client, based on the four phases discussed in class (refer to the slides for details)

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Development & Testing
  4. Deployment & Training

Content / Website Structure

The following are the required pages for the website (content will be provided by the BAKE teams, except for the Blog):

  1. Homepage: short paragraph, overview of the entrepreneurship course or process
  2. Meet the bakers (groups of 4): picture and paragraph about each baker with a link to his/her social media
  3. The product: product description, pictures of the process, and anything else that needs to be included (nutrition labels for example)
  4. Blog: this part is to be completed by the BUS 2504 students (in collaboration with the BAKE students as you see fit). You are required to write one amazing blog post about this cross-program collaborative experience, the process, the teams, and anything else you found interesting. Think of this as a story that can be published in our Dean’s Newsletter about this collaboration. Make sure you include pictures.

Project Phases

Phase 1: Discovery (5%)

  • Deliverables:
    1. Short YouTube video introducing your team (similar to the ones created by the BAKE teams)
    2. Questions for your client (1-2 pages PDF)
    3. Proposal (max 2 pages PDF, refer to slide 26, the proposal needs to be completed after meeting your client)
  • Submission: Through BB

Phase 2: Design (5%)

  • Deliverable: Themes
  • Include 3-5 suggested free WordPress.com themes that are aligned with your client’s goals for the website, and explain how each theme meets the client’s requirements in terms of both style and functionality
  • Please copy and paste the full URL instead of inserting it as a hyperlink as BB Ultra doesn’t allow me to access hyperlinks through PDFs, so I will have to copy and paste the link in a browser
  • Submission: Through BB (max 2 pages PDF)

Phase 3: Development (10%)

Important note: Create a Gmail account for your client using their business name, and a generic password (for example HumberProject@2022), and a WordPress account using that email. Submit the usernames and passwords for both Gmail and WordPress.com with your deliverables below.


  • Two Attachments (PDF):
    1. Account Details PDF: include the username and password for both Gmail and WordPress.com
    2. Group Reflection PDF: this is your “project post-mortem” or “lessons learned”, one page listing what went right / what went wrong, include pictures of the process when possible (for example brainstorming meetings)
  • Submission textbox:
    1. Link to your final free WordPress.com website
    2. Link to your presentation recording (see below)

Structure of Your Recorded Presentation:

  1. Start with team introductions (make sure cameras are on everyone!)
  2. Introduce your topic and agenda
  3. Content of your presentation: start sharing your screen and start presenting to your Prof, your BAKE clients, and their professor, Chef Alastair Gray
  4. Ensure smooth transitions between team members
  5. Conclude your presentation with your lessons learned and recommendations for next steps for your client

Important Notes About Recording Your Presentation:

  1. You can use your group’s BB Collab Room to record, or a tool of your choice. In all cases, you must start your presentation with team introductions, each team member must have their camera on when introducing themselves. Therefore, remember to share your screen (content such as PPT or website for example) to start presenting your work AFTER you complete the team introductions to make sure we (myself, Chef Gray, and your BAKE clients) see you first
  2. If you choose to use BB Collab Room, note that you will not be able to “delete” recordings, so I will mark your last attempt, unless you let me know which “recording” to mark
  3. If you choose to use another platform to record (Zoom for example), you will need to upload the video file to YouTube (use the account you created for your client) and make it “Unlisted” (not private) so we can view it
  4. Each team member must have a role in the presentation
  5. Total length of presentation: 10 minutes