BUS 2504 Sinful Desserts SEO & Blogging (Winter 2023)

This project is a continuation of the work we have completed for Sinful Desserts through the BUS 2504 course in the Fall 2022 semester.

Our Client

Your Task

You have been hired as Blogging and SEO consultants by our client who needs help with writing content for the blog section of their website, as well as organically optimizing the blog posts for search engines.

Your task is to create a blog post (around 300 words) that your client can use on their website, as well as a short user manual the client can use as they create their own blog posts in the future.

Start with the following blog planner template to help you plan. Brainstorm your idea with a colleague in class as we would like to cross link your posts (which is great for SEO).

You need to suggest at least 5 distinct organic SEO strategies, implement them in your blog post, and explain them in a Word document as follows:

  • Title page:
    • Include the names of students who worked on the assignment, do not include student numbers as this document will be shared with the client
  • Blog Post:
    • Include the full blog post (along with multimedia)
  • SEO Strategies & Implementation:
    • List and briefly describe five distinct organic SEO strategies to optimize the blog post (one strategy per page)
    • Include screen shots from your dashboard of how you have implemented your suggestions. Think of this part as a “user manual” for your client to refer to when writing and optimizing future blog posts, the following is an example of image optimization
    • For clarity, please include one strategy per page, and clearly label each strategy/page


  • Search Engine Optimization & Blogging sections in your Learning Materials
  • Royalty free images (Unsplash or Pexels): use royalty free images ONLY if you cannot find suitable images through our client’s online presence (website and social media)
  • Extra: example of a similar “Blogging Strategies” assignment that was completed by a previous class for a different client (view the final document submitted to the client)

Submission through BB

  1. Blog Planner (PDF)
  2. Blog Post (PDF)
  3. User Manual (PDF)