BUS 3003 Final Group Project (Fall 2022)

Technology to Support Corporate Wellness

This project is to be completed in groups. Use the signup sheet on BB to create/join a group, and assign a Team Lead who will be responsible for communications on behalf of the group.


The pandemic presented us with an opportunity to work remotely. At this point, no longitudinal studies are available on the long-term effects of remote work on productivity, mental wellness, employee engagement, and organization culture.

Organizations continue to adapt to this change and figure ways to increase productivity while taking care of their most valuable asset; their employees. Depending on the industry and the size of the organization, this can take a long time. Redefining “Corporate Wellness” for “Remote Work” is a process that started with the pandemic, and will continue to develop.

Our Industry Partner: rxRecourse

Toronto-based rxRecourse offers online health workshops & custom fitness coaching programs for corporate teams.

rxRecourse currently uses the following tools:

The Challenge

rxRecourse is looking for an App that offers all the above, as well as advanced “team” functionality to support their corporate teams (for example group chat functions, leaderboard …etc)

Your Task

Exploratory Research

You will start by conducting secondary research to explore available Apps available to fitness providers to support their clients. Examples include: Noom, MyFitnessPal, HealthHero, Unmind, The Wellness Compass. You will need to research and analyze other tools available, and present their advantages and disadvantages.

To support your research, you will be having conversations with various stakeholders:

  • Those who work remotely (employees)
  • Those who can support them (wellness industry)

Both sessions will be held virtually during class time on Monday Nov 7 at 2:00 – 4:00 PM (details on Humber Online Solutions). You are required to create a list of questions for each of our guests to help you with your research points, visit this document for examples of questions to explore.

App Prototype Design

We will be using the System Development Lifecyle (SDLC) concepts to design an App prototype that rxRecourse can use to support their corporate clients, the following deliverables will be presented to rxRecourse at the end of the semester:

  • Project Charter:
    • Describe the project, include initial findings of your exploratory research and high level project information to create a shared understanding of the project’s scope, goals, objectives, timeline, milestones, and responsibilities. Think of your Project charter as a document that provides a “big picture” view of the project to all key stakeholders
    • Include appendices with screenshots as needed to support your work. Total 4-5 pages + appendices
  • Prototype Development:
    • 3-5 hand sketches: start ideation with paper sketches. Submit good quality, clear pictures of your paper/hand sketches
    • 2-3 digital screenshots: choose 2-3 of your hand sketches above to digitize. You can use the Play App, Figma, Canva, or any other tool of your choice. If you use Play App, include the link in your submission, and send it to me by email <hanadi.alnawab@humber.ca> so I can test it
    • Please note the above are the minimum requirements to “Meet the Expectations” in the rubric


  • Date/time as per critical path
  • Format: recorded presentation