BUS 3003 Research Assignment (Fall 2022)

Future Trends in Digital Business

This is a self-directed research assignment to be completed in small groups. Use the signup sheet on BB to create/join a group, and assign a Team Lead.

The objective of this assignment is to introduce you and your classmates to current and future technologies that have big impact on digital business and its future, based on a recent movie from Kanopy through your Humber account. You will then do more research as needed, and present your findings though a short research paper and a Poster Presentation.

Choose a Movie

Login on Kanopy using your Humber account, type “Technology” in the search field, and browse through the “Suggested Matches” categories as shown below. Select a recent and relevant movie that you find interesting (and one that has not been reserved) from Kanopy as shown below.

A “Kanopy Movie Selection” discussion board has been created on BB to serve this purpose. Your group lead will post the following to “reserve” the movie for your group (one post per group, first come first served):

  1. Movie title
  2. Group number
  3. Link to the movie
  4. Justification: short description justifying your choice

Research Paper

Write a short research paper summarizing the topic/story of your chosen movie, the impact and effect of that topic on the business world, and your findings and recommendations related to that topic. You must research the topic, its current development, and include the most recent trends and updates in your paper. Your paper must be focused and very specific

  • Format: APA or MLA  
  • Length: 5 to 6 pages of content with headings and subheading
  • Use 12 pt font size, 1.5 line spacing and standard Letter page margins 
  • Structure:
    • Cover page (title, group names…)
    • Table of Contents
    • Executive Summary
    • References (use 3-5 resources other than the movie)
    • Appendices – Include any relevant materials that cannot be easily included in the body of the paper. Each appendix should be clearly labeled, numbered, and referred to in the body of the paper

Poster Presentation

You are required to create a poster based on your paper, and share the knowledge you gained in this assignment with our class through a Poster Presentation session. Visit the following page for details on Poster Presentations, you can also access great resources on Academic Posters.

Each student will be asked to rate their top three posters (other than your own!) and provide a short justification (templates will be provided in class).


Submit the following through BB BEFORE class:

  • Research paper (PDF)
  • Your digital poster (PDF)