Uche Umolu to speak at the 2019 Youth Innovations Summit in Ottawa

Please join me in congratulating Uche for her amazing achievements this year! Uche is an Honors student in the fourth year of our BComm Digital Business Management program and has been very busy with some great work, I would like e to share Uche’s success story with all of you.

Uche won the City of Toronto Identify ‘N’ Impact (INI) Grant, and was awarded $5,000 to run two workshops for youth in Toronto through her organization The Consent WorkshopThe INI funding program provides up to $10,000 in grants for youth to lead and deliver projects up to one year in length that promote youth empowerment and broader community safety in the City of Toronto.

Uche has also been selected by the British Council to deliver an address in Ottawa for the 2019 Youth Innovation Summit. She will be delivering a speech at Parliament Hill about her social action enterprise; The Consent Workshop. Learn more about Uche’s profile and work.

Last but not least, Uche has been nominated for the City of Toronto 2019 Pam McConnell Award for Young Women in Leadership!

We wish Uche the best of luck in all her adventures! Happy International Women’s Day!

The Business School Special Awards

The Business School offers 6 annual special monetary awards. Each award requires the applicant to submit an essay. There are specific instructions for each award as each award requires an essay submission.  Please visit https://business.humber.ca/resources-placement/about/business-school-awards.html to review the criteria.

Applications for Special Awards must be submitted prior to September 30, 2018.

We encourage all students to apply for these awards.

The Business School Awards Ceremony 2018

Congratulations to all our Award winners! It’s always great to celebrate with you and your families.

Awards Night 2016

The Business School celebrated the 2015/2016 Student Awards and Scholarships on Wednesday Nov 30, 2016. Awards and scholarship recipients were invited to celebrate with their families and Humber faculty and administrators the Awards Night at the Lakeshore Campus.

Congratulations to our Award Winners!

  • Bachelor of Commerce Digital Business Management Leadership Award: Kiran Bajwa, Farihah Chowdhury, Irina Gorea, and Christine Howald
  • Digital Business Excellence Award: Kyle Greiner & Maggie Wesley Palmer
  • Digital Business Management Faculty Award: Christine Hagen & Xi Zheng
  • HSBC Bank Canada Scholarships: Lyndsay Brooks, Irina Gorea, and Valery Skapare
  • Illumiti SAP Award: Rahim Dhrolia
  • Nelson Education Publishing Award: Xi Zheng
  • Patricia and David William McKee Golden Anniversary Award: Irina Gorea

Awards Night 2015

The Business School celebrated the 2014/2015 Student Awards and Scholarships on Thursday Nov 19, 2015. Awards and scholarship recipients were invited to celebrate with their families and Humber faculty and administrators the Awards Night at the Rose Garden Banquet Hall.

Congratulations to our award winners!

  • e-Business Excellence Award: Lauren Ashmore & Michelle Conrad
  • Bachelor of Commerce Leadership Award: Martin Perez, Chad Fernandez, Courtney Coon, Rebecca Clement, and Faria Islam
  • Mayor’s Award for Marketing: Rhys Ottaway
  • HSBC Bank Canada Scholarships: Michelle Conrad, Hilda Egharevba, and Mankaran Singh
  • e-Business Marketing Faculty Award: Kyle Geoffrey Greiner
  • Illumiti SAP Award: Faria Islam
  • Nelson Education Publishing Award: Joseph Rodulfo