Nov 4, 2014: Students from the e-Business Marketing Program attended the CASCON 2014. They attended the keynote speaker session, and used the information they learned to support their paper assignment on Watson.

Sridhar Sudarsan
CTO & Chief Architect, Watson Ecosystem, IBM Watson Group

We plan on attending CASCON 2015 next year!

FSOSS 2014

October 2014, e-Business Information Systems and Technology Course / Law, Security, and Privacy Course: A group of students from the e-Business Marketing Program attended theFSOSS Free Software and Open Source Symposium @Seneca College, with Prof. Hanadi Alnawab and Prof. Marcos Cavenaghi. The students attended various sessions and connected to share their experiences, more will be shared through class assignments in both courses.

Cornerstone Visit

March 2008, Database Management Course: A group of students from the e-Business Marketing program visited Cornerstone Group of Companies, and participated in an interactive session designed by their Fundraising Services division to understand and experience thedonation processing service provided to large non-profit organizations.

Humber Radio Broadcasting

Sept 2007, Multimedia Course: A group of students from the e-Business Marketing Program visited the Humber Radio Broadcasting facility for an interactive tour and learned about the media technology used.