Class Practices, Standards and Expectations (Fall 2022)

Office Hours

  • Please book an in-person or virtual meeting through my calendar if you need support outside of scheduled class hours


  • It is your responsibility to check Blackboard announcements for regular course updates, and mark your calendar with the due dates & times
  • Students are expected to communicate in a professional, business-like manner in all correspondence, and only those messages written in a professional, business-like manner will be answered by the professor. Please check spelling and grammar before you hit the “Send” button
  • Students are to demonstrate respect for each other and for the professor through their choice of language (discussion, BB chat … etc.) and must must adhere to professional communications. Refer to Humber’s Code of Conduct and Online Guidelines

Individual & Group Assignments / Projects

  • Submission & Marking: Submitted work will be marked only if you follow the instructions regarding the submission method, format, and number of students assigned to work on the exercise. Only names of students who have contributed to the work are to be included when you submit any group work, please be reminded that including names of students who have not contributed to the work is considered Academic Misconduct and will be dealt with accordingly. Individual work and work in pairs will not be marked for group projects
  • Deadlines & Late Submissions: Deadlines are meant to keep us all on track. Therefore, late submissions will not be accepted unless a request for an extension is communicated in advance, at least two days before the deadline, with a proposed submission date and reason for the request. Such requests must be sent through Course Messages (not email as this may end up in the junk folder). If approved, those late submissions will be marked at the end of the semester
  • Peer Evaluation for Group Work: The marks for a group project will be assigned to the whole team provided that all team members contribute equally to the project. If a team member feels that another team member is not contributing, he/she should communicate with the professor immediately, before the due date, and a peer evaluation process will be used to assign marks individually based on the level of contribution. View / download the Peer Evaluation forms here (Word docPDF)
  • Cite your sources: Projects, assignments, and lab exercises will be marked only if properly referenced. It is your responsibility to ensure that sources are properly cited

Missed Assessments Policy

  • Students who miss the midterm exam maybe allowed to write a make-up exam at the end of the semester. The make-up exam will be available in-person, at the Lakeshore campus, at a day and time that will be specified by the professor during week 13 or 14

Accessible Learning Services

  • Students registered with the Accessible Learning Services” are required to provide at least one week notice to the Prof. of any required accommodations.
  • Students who are registered with the “Accessible Learning Services” and are eligible to write their exams at the Test Centre as part of their Academic Accommodations are required to schedule and write their exams at the same day and time as their classmates writing in the classroom. This will be strictly enforced to maintain the integrity of all exams.

I will be taking pictures/screenshots of our classes/meetings to share on LinkedIn and Twitter through professional posts to thank guest speakers, promote our class events, or simply share something new we’re doing. I will let the class know beforehand. If you prefer for your name or picture not to appear in any screenshots, please let me know. More on the photo consent form.