BUS 2504 MethodKit Class Exercise (Course Intro)

The objective of this exercise is to give you an overview of the course and introduce you to the concepts that will be covered during the semester. 

This exercise will be completed in small groups of 4-5 students, and discussed as a class, using the MethodKit Cards. Each card represents a concept in Web Development. 

Start by creating a small group of 4-5 students and pick one of each of the following sheets (per team):

  • Yes, I know this very well
  • Kind of, maybe
  • No idea

How does this work?

  • Each team now has three sheets (above) and few of the green MethodKit Cards
  • Your task is to discuss the green cards you have, and classify them under one of the three sheets based on your collective knowledge of how familiar you are with the concept

Discussion Questions (class):

  • Which sheet has the most concepts
  • Did you agree (within your team) on the classification?