BUS 2504 MethodKit Class Exercise (Web Development Phases)

The objective of this exercise is to introduce you the web development process. 

You will be working in three teams:

  • Planning: Your client does not have a website. The Planning team is responsible for planning all aspects of the project, starting with meeting the client and discussing project needs
  • Development: The Development team is responsible for developing the website based on the plan set by the Planning team 
  • Marketing: Your client now has a website! but they need traffic. The Marketing team is responsible for developing and implementing a strategy to drive traffic to the website 

When project work starts with the client, the three teams will work in order, starting with the Planning, Development, then Marketing.

Part One:

Your task is to check the MethodKit cards, pick the cards you think should fall under your team’s responsibility.

The following are examples:

  • “Goals” card may fall under the “Planning” team
  • “Browser Compatibility” card falls under the “Development” team
  • “Tracking & Analytics” card may fall under the “Marketing” team  

Note that some cards can belong to more than one team – that is OK. Some cards will be left at the table, those are concepts we’re not familiar with at this point.

Part Two:

In your team, sort the cards you’ve collected in order based on the sequence of tasks that should be completed. You can either line them up or put them in clusters on the paper roll and add your notes as you work through the exercise.

Part Three:

Share your findings with the class.