Class Practices, Standards and Expectations

Office Hours

  • I will be pleased to meet with you according to prior appointment, feel free to book online through my calendar if you need support outside of scheduled class hours

Course Website & Online Communication

  • It is your responsibility to check the course website and email for regular course updates
  • Students are expected to communicate in a professional, business-like manner in all correspondence
  • Only those messages written in a professional, business-like manner will be answered by the professor
  • Check spelling and grammar before you hit the “Send” button

Expectations for Classroom Conduct

  • Electronic devices:
    • Cell phones are to be on “silent” mode and put away
    • Laptops and other electronic devices are to be used for class related notes only
  • Punctuality: students are expected to arrive promptly for class and after breaks. If you arrive late, please do so with minimum disturbance
  • Students who are noisy or disruptive may be asked to move to another desk or to leave the class
  • Students are to demonstrate respect for each other and for the professor through their choice of language. Those using inappropriate language will be asked to leave the classroom

Students who disturb the learning environment by not respecting classroom expectations may receive a ZERO (0) for the participation marks.

Late Assignments & Missed Classes Policy

  • No late assignments or projects will be accepted except under extraordinary circumstances and at the discretion of the professor, with submission of appropriate documentation within 48 hours following the exam (mailbox in the Business School office)
  • If you miss a class, you are expected to get the notes from a classmate who was in the class

Missed Test Policy

  • Without good reason and proper evidence (e.g. doctor’s letter for a medical reason stating student could not attend class on that specified date), student receives ZERO (0) on any Test/Quiz not written or submitted. With proper evidence and at the discretion of the professor, the student may be allowed to write a make-up test in the Test Centre during the last week of the semester. The make-up test could be comprehensive
  • Valid documentation must be submitted within 5 business days of missing the test

Accessible Learning Services

  • Students who are registered with the “Accessible Learning Services” and are eligible to write their exams at the Test Centre as part of their Academic Accommodations are required to schedule and write their exams at the same day and time as their classmates writing in the classroom. This will be strictly enforced to maintain the integrity of all exams.
  • Students registered with the Accessible Learning Services” are required to provide at least one week notice to the Prof. of any required accommodations.

In-Class/Lab Exercises and Quizzes

  • Prior notice or confirmation of in-class assessments will not be given
  • Your work will be marked only if you follow the instructions regarding the submission method and number of students assigned to work on the exercise
  • Only names of students who are physically present in the class/lab are to be included when you submit any lab work or class exercise
  • Including the name(s) of student(s) who are physically absent will result in a ZERO (0) mark to all students whose names appear on the submitted work for that specific exercise. A second incident may be considered Academic Misconduct and will be dealt with accordingly

Cite your sources

  • Projects, assignments, and lab exercises will be marked only if properly referenced. It is your responsibility to ensure that sources are properly cited.

Group Project Marking Scheme

  • Group projects will be marked only if the instructions regarding the submission method and number of students assigned to work on the project are followed
  • Individual work is not accepted and will not be marked
  • The marks for a group project will be assigned to the whole team provided that all team members contribute equally to the project. If a team member feels that another team member is not contributing, he/she should communicate with the professor immediately, before the due date, and a peer evaluation process will be used to assign marks individually based on the level of contribution

Project Presentations

  • The final PowerPoint file should be submitted to the professor the day before your presentation. This file will be considered ready to mark. Later submissions will not be accepted
  • All team members are expected to present, and only those presenting will receive a mark
  • Dress code: business casual
  • The presenters will be evaluated according to the project criteria, while everyone else in the class will be marked on their professional, business-like behavior, and this will be reflected positively or negatively through the participation mark
  • To ensure we provide the presenters with a supportive environment, the following expectations define “professional, business-like behavior”:
    • All electronic devices (cell phones, laptops…etc) will be off and away as you do not need to take notes. If you have questions for the presenters, please use a pen and paper to document them
    • Students who continue to disrupt the class by using their electronic devices during the presentations will be asked to leave the room immediately
    • The door will be closed during presentations. If you arrive late, please do not disturb the class. Wait until the presentation is over and then enter quietly