Shopify: Open Learning Program

I am pleased to announce our new collaboration with Shopify starting Fall 2020! Through the Open Learning Program, Shopify will offer our students access to a free, fully functional Shopify store as part of the following two courses:

BUS 2504 Web Development: The Digital Business Management BComm students enrolled in the BUS 2504 Winter course will have access to the program starting in their second year, enabling students to build real businesses over the course of three years. The students are encouraged to utilize the store for other self-directed course assignments in their third and fourth years after consulting with their professors.

FASH 4500 e-Retailing: The Fashion Management BComm students enrolled in the FASH 4500 Fall course will have access to a 6-month subscription starting the day they sign-up. At the end of that time, the store will freeze until the students are ready to move to a paid plan, and they can reactivate their stores at any time by contacting Support.

Create your Free Store:

As a student, you will have access to a free store with a functioning checkout.

Students must use use the link assigned to the course (provided on Blackboard) and their Humber email <> to create the store. When students create their stores using their assigned link, the store is automatically moved onto the free Open Learning plan, and the checkout is enabled. The Open Learning plan also allows account owners to assign additional members of staff, if students need to work in groups.

Earn a Digital Badge:

Our students will have access to an optional program of digital badges to recognize the skills gained on the platform. Shopify offers its own range of digital badges, which students will be able to share on social media or download to their resumé.