This page is to showcase the digital portfolios for my students in the BUS2504 class, Winter 2020 as well as few of our grads. Feel free to explore!

Hanadi Alnawab
Program Coordinator
Digital Business Management BComm

Hello, my name is Lia DeVries-Voves. I was born in Zhanjiang, China and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I am a full-time student at Humber College, studying Digital Business Management. My passion for technology and business began in my adolescence. I am a goal-oriented learner and am enthusiastic towards new opportunities. Click the link to view my digital portfolio. Let’s connect and create exciting new projects together!

Hi, I am Val, An enthusiastic student from Humber college with passion for digital marketing. Have some background knowledge of Facebook ads and Shopify platform, able to construct the website via Wix, WordPress with some knowledge of HTMl and CSS. Check my portfolio.

Hello I am Mackenzie Klin! My passions are anything regarding business and specifically entrepreneurship. In the future I would love to own my own digital marketing company because I am fascinated with the impact influencers have on businesses. View my portfolio

Hello, my name is Trang Vo and currently in second year of Digital Business Management at Humber College. I passionate about Web Development as web as photography specifically , the capability to design and develop an actual website by using different CMS softwares such as WordPress, Shopify, Square Space which will meet your personal and business needs. Need for information please visit my website here and don’t hesitate to contact me if interested in working with me.

Hey all, my name is Kyrylo. I’m originally from Ukraine and I study at Humber College. I’m excited about technologies and web development. View my portfolio.

Hello, my name is Adrian Czenczek! I am originally from Barrie Ontario but moved to Toronto to pursue my goals in combining business with technology. I have a strong passion for helping local business and increasing their online/social media presence! Check out my personal portfolio.

Hello, My name is Japjit Grewal! I’m originally from India and moved to Canada in 2018 to pursue my dreams. I’m currently enrolled in a Bachelors of Commerce degree at Humber College majoring in Digital Business Management. I’m very thrilled to be a part of this program as Business and Technology are two things that have always excited me. I have a curious personality and I’m always looking forward to be a part of something new and learn from it. Please, Feel free to check my portfolio.

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