Explore Web Dev Platforms (Fall 2022)

This assignment is to be completed individually and submitted through Blackboard as per the instructions below.

The objective of this assignment is to explore a new web development platform (other than WordPress and Shopify), by creating a basic website and analyzing the platform’s advantages and disadvantages in terms of functionality and user interface based on your own experience.

Your website must:

  • Include 4-5 pages
  • Include 5-10 products
  • Password protected using “humber” as a password
  • Include a note on the homepage (footer) clearly describing that this is a class project

Platform Analysis:

  • Start a new PPT document to include your analysis of the platform
  • Include one point per slide, along with a screenshot (from your own website’s dashboard)
  • all points must be based on your own experience, do not use the vendor’s marketing material
  • Max: 10 slides (i.e. total of 10 points)
  • Save your doc as PDF before you submit it on BB

Note: If you choose to explore Wix, please note that we have an Academic Partnership with Wix, which will give you access to a free store for the semester.


  • Your website URL in the “Submission” text field on BB
  • Your Platform Analysis document (PDF)