Explore Website Builders (Fall 2023)

This group assignment is to be completed and submitted through Blackboard as per the instructions below.


The objective of this assignment is to explore a new website builder platform by creating a basic website and analyzing the builder’s advantages and disadvantages in terms of functionality and user interface based on your own experience. Please be reminded that this assignment is not about finding the best builder, but analyzing the builder to recommend using it or not.

Choose a Website Builder (BB Discussion Board):
Create a Mockup Website(s):
  • Include 4-5 web pages and few products of your choice
  • Password protect it using “humber” as a password, and include a note on the homepage (footer) clearly describing that this is a class project
  • Content of the website:
    • You do not need to spend time developing content for this website as this assignment is about exploring the platform’s functionality and user interface. Therefore, you can use royalty free images (Unsplash or Pexels), and Lorem ipsum placeholder text (Google “Lorem ipsum” and copy the paragraph)
Analyze the Website Builder:
  • Start a new PPT document to include your analysis of the website builder platform
  • Title slide: with your names, links to website(s)
  • Advantages and disadvantages slides (10 slides):
    • Include one point per slide, advantage or disadvantage, along with a screenshot from your own website’s dashboard. All points (advantages and disadvantages) must be based on your own experience, do not use the vendor’s marketing material
  • Recommendation slide: do you recommend using this tool, justify your answer
  • Save your doc as PDF before you submit it on BB
Present your Findings in Class:

We will be presenting and discussing our work in class.


  • Your website URL in the “Submission” text field on BB
  • Your Analysis document (PDF)