FAQ / Registration

1. Emailing me with Registration Issues

Please check this FAQ page before emailing me. 

If you need to email me, you MUST include your student number as part of a descriptive subject line, for example: “Registration Issue BUS 1000 CRN 1234 student N0123456”

  • Send one email including all the information needed 
  • Include the course code, title, and CRN (4 digit number that is section-specific) 
  • Include a screenshot of the error message you’re getting when trying to self-enroll

I will respond to all messages, written in a professional tone

2. Registration Times (based on semester)

Use the following link to determine your registration period: 


3. Restrictions will be lifted Dec 6, 2021 at 11:00 AM

When registration opens, courses will be restricted to the semester & program in which they are supposed to be taken based on the program curriculum, accessible through your Academic Progress on MyHumber (also available in PDF), this is to ensure that those students who need to take them do get a seat. Restrictions will be lifted on Monday December 6th at 11:00 AM and you will be able to self-enroll in courses that are not in your specific semester & program. Please contact me AFTER Monday Dec 6 if you’re experiencing problems trying to reach back or forward. I will then submit a SAF “Student Action Form” to the Office of the Registrar asking for help with enrollment. SAFs will only be processed by the Office of the Registrar after Dec 6, 2021. 

You can add missing courses from earlier semesters once restrictions are removed. Check your Academic Progress to identify earlier missing courses and make note to register for them starting on Dec 6 after 11:00 AM.

4. Last Day to Add a Course / Academic Calendar

Please be reminded that students can add and drop courses until “The Last Day To Add a Course”, so enrollment in courses will keep changing until then. The following is a link to Humber’s Academic calendar that includes important dates:


5. Deferring Winter 2022

If you need to defer the upcoming Winter 2022, please send me an email with your request (including your student number) and I will submit a SAF (Student Action Form) to the Office of the Registrar

6. Planning your Academic Progress / Pre-requisites

Please be reminded of the following while planning your academic progress:

  • Semester 1, 3, 5, 7 core courses are offered in the Fall
  • Semester 2, 4, 6, 8 core courses are offered in the Winter
  • Semester 2 core courses are offered in the Summer for the January intake
  • Business Degree electives are offered in both Fall and Winter
  • Degree Breadth electives are offered in Fall, Winter, and Summer

Please be aware that as a student in a program that is designed to be taken full-time (4 years, 8 semesters), you will need to ensure that you plan and select courses carefully. You must keep in mind that some courses have pre-requisites and all courses are offered according to the curriculum outlined in your Academic Progress page in MyHumber (see PDF). 

Please be reminded that taking heavier course load(s) in earlier semesters may result in lighter course load(s) in later semesters due to the pre-requisites. 

7. Part-time enrollment during Winter 2022

The Registrar’s Office has indicated that you should send an e-form through MyHumber advising them that you will be studying on a part-time basis (e.g. taking 3 or fewer courses) in Winter 2022. 

Note about tuition fees from the Registrar’s Office:

Part-time students pay their tuition deposit and then they need to pay their fees within 72 hours of registering or they will be automatically dropped from their courses. Ideally, you should pay on the same day as you register for your courses.

If a student is de-registered, they may not get into the same sections again because the sections may fill up while the Registrar’s Office is waiting for the student to pay.

If part-time students have registered for one or more courses (up to three) and do not pay immediately, an Accounts Receivable Hold is placed on the student’s account. If there is a hold, they cannot register in additional courses until all fees are paid.

8. Students enrolling in BUS 2504

The following section is for our program (Digital Business Management): 

BUS 2504 CRN 2363 Section 0LB (Thursday at 10:45 – 13:35). The other section is restricted to the Fashion Management program. 

  • If you are in semester 4: you should be able to self-enroll
  • If you are in semester 6 AND a transfer student (Diploma pathways), you need to take the above course, but you need to email me to be manually added

9. Third year students enrolling in WIL Tutorial

Students registering into semester 6 Winter 2022: please self-enroll in your Work-Integrated-Learning module TUTR B99 (use CRN 6399 for our program)

10. Fourth year students enrolling in semester 8 Winter 2022

Contact me if:

  • You are having issues enrolling in one of your semester 8 courses needed to graduate, and you have already completed the pre-reqs
  • You are having issues enrolling in a specific “category” or “level” of breadth elective needed to graduate (see image below)

11. Fees 

For questions about fees, contact <bursar@humber.ca>

12. Financial Aid

For questions about Financial Aid, contact <finaid@humber.ca>

13. Holds

If you are facing registration issues due to a “hold”, you will need to submit an e-form to the Office of the Registrar through your MyHumber account by selecting Student > Student Records > Records/Registration E-form

14. Delivery Mode for Core Courses (all semesters)

All core courses for our program will be delivered in-person, at the Lakeshore campus except the following:

  • STAT 1112 Statistics for Business 
  • STAT 2112 Quantitative Methods for Business 
  • MKTG 2500 CRN 4616 Mondays 08:00 – 10:40
  • FIN 3000 CRN 3281 Thursdays 08:55 – 11:35
  • BUS 1501 CRN 2354 Thursdays 08:00 – 10:40

Above courses will be delivered remotely, as shown in the screencap below (from your Academic Progress)

Campus “Online” + specific “Meeting Times” means the course will be delivered “remotely” with synchronous weekly meeting times.

15. Breadth Electives

When registration opens, upper-level breadth electives will be restricted to semesters 5-8 students. Restrictions will be lifted on Dec 6, and students in semesters 1-4 will be able to self-enroll in upper-level breadth electives.

The following options will be offered for breadth electives as shown in the screencaps below: 

Fully in person / on campus / face-to-face

  • NO: North campus (please pay attention to this when you register)
  • LA: Lakeshore 

Online / Asynchronous 

Delivered online asynchronously (with no scheduled weekly meeting times, shows TBA under Meeting Times)

Online / Synchronous

A limited number of courses will offered online with synchronous sessions (scheduled weekly meetings) in the evenings or on Fridays

Identifying Formats when Registering:

In the registration system (MyHumber):

  • all online courses will fall under campus DL (Distance Learning)
  • synchronous online courses will have a day, time, and room location of DL-WWW
  • asynchronous online courses will have no day, time, or room. It will say TBA or None

16. Vaccine

Students who are unvaccinated will need to apply for an exemption, you can find the Exemption Process and Forms online: https://humber.ca/campus-return/vaccination-information  For questions about the vaccine, please contact <covidinfo@humber.ca> 

17. Academic Accommodations 

Contact https://humber.ca/student-life/swac/accessible-learning/information-faculty/humberguelph-humbers-accommodation-process 

18. International Students / Visa

For questions about the visa, please contact international: https://international.humber.ca/ 

19. In-person Classes Winter 2022

For those of you who have not experienced in-person instruction on campus, please note the following:

  • Blackboard will be used to support the in-person instruction 
  • Classes will not be recorded as students are expected to attend in person, engage, and take notes
  • Professors may be using Blackboard differently based on their courses and teaching style, and therefore can decide what class material to post on Blackboard, and what to share in person, during class. The same applies to assignments, some may be submitted in class (hardcopy) and some on Blackboard
  • Invigilated exams will take place in-person, in-class

20. Where can I find the course “attributes”

By clicking on the course from your Academic Progress, as shown in the screen shot below: