Ms Teams Live Event

In order for students to produce/present in a Teams Live event, they’ll first need to be added to a Humber Team as a guest. This will authenticate them against our tenant.

Note: Please use their personal email accounts and not their Humber student accounts.

Add guests to a new or existing Team (Organizer)

Join a team as a guest (Guest/Student) 

See below the following documents for your reference:

Once they’ve been added to the team and they’ve accepted the invite. You’ll be able to invite them into a Live Event.

To recap:

In advance of the event the guest user should go through the following steps: 

  • Accept the email invite to be a guest on Teams 
  • Walk through the flow (This will authenticate them as a user) 
  • Have them post a message on the Team you invited them to so that you know they made it in 
  • Join the Live event when they get the invite so they can confirm they made it in as a presenter and not attendee. 

Also, if you’d like to have a 1:1 session on Teams Live Events, you can book one here:

Dealing with Q&A / comments

Only producers and presenters can moderate the incoming questions through the Q&A section.
All new questions come into the “New” tab. Attendees don’t see the questions until one of the event moderators Publish them. 

Once published all attendees will be able to see the question that was asked.
If something inappropriate comes in, it can be “Dismissed” by the moderators.
You can see what the Q&A process will look like here:


Live Events are all recorded by default.
The organizer and all the Presenters/Producers will have the ability to download the recording after the event is finished. This can be done through the Teams calendar invite under “Live Event Resources”.
The file will be downloaded as an MP4 and can be shared with anyone you choose.
There’s also an option to allow attendees to watch the video on demand if the organizer leaves that checked. Anyone that clicks on the attendee link will just replay the event.
If you don’t want attendees to watch the video on demand uncheck “Recording available to Attendees”

Breakout Rooms:

Unfortunately, there is no breakout room feature with Live Events.

What you can do is create standard Teams meetings and have those replicate breakout rooms. In doing that there is no way to automatically send attendees to their breakouts, they would need to click on those meetings links to be sent there.

Teams Meetings and their native breakout rooms can be recorded.

In Teams meetings you also have a level of control. The meeting organizer can go into meeting options to assign who can share content and even block attendees from turning on their microphones. This prevents people from high jacking the meeting.

Chat Feature

The presenters and producers utilize the Teams chat feature during the live event to communicate with each other. Attendees don’t have access to that chat.
Attendees only have access to the Q&A function and that can be toggled on and off during the event.


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