Online Presentations – Student Feedback

Although I was originally nervous for the online presentation (I am not computer savvy I was pleasantly surprised with how efficient it was. The group chat, “hands up” button, and mutual power to move slides between all group members made the presentation go very smoothly and I almost prefer it to standing up the traditional way! After this presentation, I would be much more open to having more online classes structured this way in the future.

This tool was tricky to get the hang of in the beginning and I found it difficult to make sure that I joined the right group but once we were all connected then it was quite easy to present from. One of the downfalls however is that I do enjoy personally presenting face-to-face and connecting with the audience as I’m doing the presentation and feeding off the other members of my group so not being able to do this was a bit tricky and difficult for me. All that being said I do still think that this is a useful tool for lectures and would consider using it again in the future.

I really enjoyed using the online tool, I found it very user-friendly and effective. It was a great option for presenting and avoiding driving in poor weather conditions. As I have an hour commute I really appreciated this option.

I found it very useful to use the online module as an alternative, it made the process of presenting easy, however the only difficulty with the online module was the lag in connection, sometimes it was difficult at times to hear or video cut out.

I really enjoyed the online class tool we used today to present our posters. It was easy to understand and navigate. I would definitely do this again if we had the opportunity to do so. I’m glad we decided to use this tool today instead of driving in this weather- it was extremely helpful.

The only thing I would suggest is having students play around with it before presenting as some computers may direct you to update your adobe or other programs for it to work.

Giving us detailed instructions as well as screenshots really helped me understand how to use it better and made the entire process much simpler

Today’s online Poster Presentation was great! I was very skeptical going into the online presentation but it went smoothly! Our group came together and pulled off a decent presentation. We were all pleased and happy we could work together. I think Blackboard Collaborate is a user-friendly tool and I am so happy to have used it.

I liked that we could have class and do our presentations without moving the presentation day. I liked how the presentation was more casual and it became more of a discussion than a formal presentation.

I didn’t like that we had to change the way we presented so last minute and having to create a whole new power point after we’ve already made a poster . However, I understand the circumstance and I like that this was our solution rather than pushing it to after reading week.

What I liked about today’s class is that we were able to present our poster presentations online from home without having to commute in the bad weather conditions. Using blackboard to present online was a new experience for everyone and I think it was very successful. It is good to know that if we have more bad weather this could be an option for class instead of driving in bad conditions.

One thing I did not like about the online presentations was that my wifi connection was slow and had trouble keeping a good connection

I really liked the ability to still present our project without having to commute to campus. Everything worked pretty smoothly except my audio at times would cut out. Another thing was that you could not really pick up on body language cues which lead to multiple people talking at once. I did personally feel more comfortable and was able to execute my thoughts more clearly than I would have in person because I was in a comfortable environment. It was a great first time experience.

I want to thank you for your idea of doing the presentations online. With the horrible weather outside, the online class was so convenient and makes me wish that the platform was used more often. It is such a great tool! The only feedback I have on the online platform is to advise students that they need to log in early, as I initially had trouble because some of my software was out of date. By logging in early I was able to have the time to install the necessary software.

I found the online presentations to go smoothly but it would of been easier in class to see others and explain in more detail. Some of our group members were unable to join due to technical difficulties. In future I would prefer to come into class.

I definitely would have preferred to see other peoples’ presentations as well (but felt uncomfortable watching them by joining their presentation groups).