Online Learning

In response to COVID-19 and the decision to continue our Winter 2020 semester classes remotely. This page will guide you through our online learning for the remainder of the semester. Please check the Critical Path posted on Blackboard for dates and class details.

Online Class

The class will be offered online through Blackboard at the scheduled day and time as per your timetable. You will need to login to Blackboard, click on “Blackboard Collaborate Ultra”, and join the “Course Room”.

Important Note: Unfortunately, due to the limited time and resources, I will not be recording lectures. Students who miss the online class can access the class material on Blackboard.

Group Work

  • An “Online Room” has been created for each group, this will be available and can be used any time by the team members to meet online, brainstorm, work and practice for the final project.
  • I will be “Join” your “Online Room” at the scheduled day and time of your presentation, for both phases 1 and 2 of the final group project.
  • Group details and meeting times can be accessed here and on BB.

Tips for a successful online session (class or presentation)


  • Create your own Home Office: find a quiet spot at your place, adjust your camera to make sure the background behind you is professional and not personal
  • Make sure your laptop is fully charged before any online meeting
  • Put your cell phone on silent to minimize distractions
  • If you have other applications running on your laptop, disable the notifications or close the applications (especially those that may “beep” notifying you of new messages, emails …etc)
  • Login individually and test Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, you may need to upgrade your browser or install a plugin
  • Login as a group and test the functionality and familiarize yourself with the interface, practice for your presentation as a group just like you would do with an in-class presentation


  • Mute your microphone if you’re not speaking, otherwise, we can hear everything
  • If you’re presenting, use more visuals, less text
  • Turn the camera on, we want to see who’s talking
  • Transition between slides as you would do in an in-person presentation (introduce the next speaker …)