BUS 1500 Fall 2021 Course Page

Welcome to the BUS 1500 Business Information Systems course, this course will be delivered remotely during the Fall 2021 semester and has been designed and will be delivered in a blended fashion, using both synchronous and asynchronous formats. I welcome your feedback anytime to make sure we all have a rich and successful learning experience.

Course Outline & Critical Path

Learning Materials & Assessments

Assessment (Course Outline)Details & InstructionsWeight Marking
Individual Assignments
1. Introductions Padlet+LinkedIn
2. Careers in BIS
3. Industry Panel Reflections
4. Professionalism & Engagement
Midterm Assessment
Virtual event based on a BIS topic, completed through 4 phases
1. Research Proposal 5%Group
2. Project Plan10%Group
3. Virtual Group Event5%Individual
4. Reflection 10%Individual
Final Group Project
Post Pandemic Digital Transformation 25%Group
Final Assessment
Final comprehensive exam 35% Individual