BUS 1500 Midterm Assessment (Remote Learning Fall 2021)

Planning & Production of a Virtual Event

Based on a Business Information Systems Topic (30%)

This is research project to be completed in small groups. The findings will be presented through a virtual event instead of a conventional presentation. Think of your topic in two parts: theory & application. The material will be part of your final comprehensive exam, and the best recordings will be shared on the HumberOnline.Solutions platform and

PhaseDeliverable WeightMarking
1Research Proposal 5% Group
2Project Plan 10%Group
3Virtual Event (group event)5%Individual
4Reflection 10%Individual

Phase 1: Research Proposal 

This is a self-directed research project. You will start by choosing a topic you would like to explore from your textbook with your team, in theory and application.

To complete your research, you will need to identify courses from LinkedIn Learning that would help you better understand the theoretical part of your topic. Submit a proposal that includes the following:

  • Suggested LinkedIn Learning courses that your team members would like to explore (no repetition). Each team member will need to suggest a LinkedIn Learning course, and justify their choice, i.e. explain the reason why you’d like to take this course and how it would help your group research. So if you’re working in a group of four students, you will need to submit at least four different LinkedIn Learning course suggestions. The courses you choose should cover a variety of both technical skills and soft-skills

Submit your group proposal (max 2 pages) in PDF format through BB (not Word, not PPT). Please be reminded that proposals must be approved (marked) before moving to phase two.

Phase 2: Research & Project Plan

In this phase, each student will complete their LinkedIn Learning course individually, then work with the team on planning their virtual event. Think of your “virtual event” as your group presentation.

Summary of Research Findings: each team member must complete their chosen and approved LinkedIn Learning course individually (2-3 hours), and summarize their research findings with the team. Please keep the PDF certificate and add the badge to your LinkedIn profile.

Project Plan: as a team, you will plan the production of a virtual event to share what you’ve learned as a team about your chosen topic. You are strongly encouraged to make your event public, promote it on social media and Eventbrite, and invite an industry expert for a discussion of the application part and Q&A. The following is an example webinar from our Winter 2021 series. If you’re interested in inviting an industry guest, please speak with me for suggestions.

Your plan must include tasks, sub-tasks, team roles, responsibilities, due dates, and milestones. Your project plan should address all logistical details.

Submit your full plan (3-4 pages) indicating all the above details in PDF format (not Word, not PPT).

The BEST presentations will be featured on Humber Online Solutions along with links to the team members names and LinkedIn profile, and can be added to your resume/portfolio.

Phase 3: Virtual Event

This phase is the actual live event!

You will be presenting your research findings through a virtual event on BB (or another platform) based on your plan above.

Each team member must be present and have a role in the presentation (by presenting their part). Make sure your technology is working (camera and audio) before you join.

Please note that this is your “group” event, however, marks will be assigned individually based on each individual’s professionalism, effort, and contribution to the project.

Phase 4: Reflection

In this phase, you will reflect individually on your work:

Part 1: Information Systems Used (one page)

  1. What information system(s), tool(s), or platform(s) did you use to plan, manage, and produce your work. For example: to plan, promote, and produce a public event, you may need a number of tools such as Asana for project management, Canva for promotional materials and social media posts, Eventbrite for registration, BB for the webinar…etc
  2. Do you have other suggested software tools and platforms that could have been used 

Part 2: Challenges & Lessons Learned (one page)

  1. What are some of the challenges you faced
  2. Lessons learned

Part 3: LinkedIn Learning Course (one page)

  1. How did your LinkedIn Learning Course help your group with the final presentation
  2. Submit your LinkedIn Learning Certificate of Completion PDF

Submit your reflection document above as PDF through BB