BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Concepts and Learning Material (Remote Learning Winter 2021)

Concepts & Learning Materials


Web Development (Process & Tools)

  • Web Development Process (view link)
  • Intro to Design Thinking (view link), Summary of Design Thinking Process (view link) – Templates can be useful for your final group project
  • Suggested roles (view linkpassword: humber
  • Web Development Tools (PPT), advantages and disadvantages (worksheet)
  • Web development resources, visit link (password: humber)
  • Web Hosting – The Big Picture (view link)
  • Web Hosting on Microsoft Azure (view link) FYI (no need to try this) 

Search Engine Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization (PPT)
  • SEO webinar slides by Marg Reffel (PDF)
  • Project bonus tips (PDF)
  • Image SEO (linkpassword: humber
Watch: SEO Webinar by Marg Reffel
Watch: Blogging: How to be a Successful Blogger




Watch: Build Your e-Commerce Store with Shopify


  • Personal branding worksheet by Melissa Chito, sweetp Marketing & Design Inc (PDF)
Watch: Personal Branding
Watch: Wix