BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Final Group Project (Remote Learning Fall 2021)

WordPress Website for a Small Bakery Business

You are required to work in small groups, and develop a website for a small business.

Our Clients

Our clients are graduates of the Advanced Chocolate and Confectionery Artistry program and Baking and Pastry Arts Management program who need support with their online presence. Below are Instagram pages of business owners who are interested in collaborating with us:

Client EmailInstagram Google Folder
Ayesha a.aiakhtar@gmail.comInstagram Google Folder
Zarinamussi15@gmail.comInstagram Google Folder

This document includes previous communications with our clients (scroll down – starting May 18, 2021)

Your Task

You will be working with your team on developing a WordPress.com website for your client, based on the four phases discussed in class (please refer to the slides).

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. Development & Testing
  4. Deployment & Training

Weekly Meetings

Regular progress meeting will be held on Blackboard Collaborate with your team and clients through your group Collaborate link during the last period of class time. You are required to take meeting minutes for each meeting using a Google doc, that will be submitted at the end as one PDF file. The minutes must include the following:

  • Date and time of the meeting
  • Name of the note taker
  • Attendees / Regrets
  • Round table discussion / action items

Peer Evaluation for Group Work

The marks for a group project will be assigned to the whole team provided that all team members contribute equally to the project. If a team member feels that another team member is not contributing, he/she should communicate with the professor immediately, before the due date, and a peer evaluation process will be used to assign marks individually based on the level of contribution. View / download the Peer Evaluation forms here (Word docPDF)

Submission (through BB):

  • Presentations will take place during class time
  • Link to your website in the submission box, and attach the following documents in PDF format (not Word, not PPT)
  • Proposal
  • Contract
  • Meeting minutes (all in one PDF)
  • Group reflection: this is your “project post-mortem” or “lessons learned”
    • Max of 5 slides
    • What went right / what went wrong
    • Include pictures of the process when possible (for example brainstorming meetings)