BUS 2504/FASH 4500 HTML Page (Remote Learning Winter 2021)

HTML Assignment

This assignment is to create a very basic HTML page using a basic text editor, precisely: Notepad for PC/Windows users, and TextEdit for Mac users. The code must be clean and not generated by a tool.

Create an HTML page with the following ten HTML tags:

Tagw3schools link
1. HeaderUse you full name as it appears on BB<h1> … <h6>
2. ParagraphWrite a short paragraph about yourself, using your actual name<p>
3. ImageImage of your choice (use your own name for the file name)<img>
4. YouTube videoContent of your choice (watch the video first to make sure it’s appropriate)<iframe>
5. HyperlinkLink to your LinkedIn profile (open in new window)<a>
6. TableContent of your choice<table>
7. Ordered ListContent of your choice<ol>
8. Unordered ListInclude the two tags you will be using for items 9 and 10 below<ul>
9. Any other tag of your choice (different from the above)
10. Any other tag of your choice (different from the above)


Submission through BB Assessments

Upload a zip folder AND copy and paste your HTML code in the “Write Submission” area