BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Mentoring Program (Remote Learning)

Mentoring Program

Thanks to all the volunteers for the positive response and for offering to support our current students! I am very grateful!

This initiative is aimed at supporting students in as they work on their Digital Portfolio WordPress assignment to highlight their skills and experience. The students will greatly benefit from insights shared by engaging in “mentoring conversations” with alumni.

Students (mentees) will be connected with grads (mentors) through LinkedIn and will plan to meet online for an hour to share insights through a “mentoring conversation”. Each student can have access to one mentor and each mentor will be asked to connect with one student.

All Humber students have access to Microsoft Teams, please use this platform to schedule your virtual meetings. Check the following quick reference guide to Teams Meetings, and more on the entire Teams App.

Mentors will:

  • Share insights about work experience, current job, and the industry
  • Brainstorm ideas with their mentee on what to include in a digital portfolio and how to improve it
  • Answer any other career related questions the mentee may have

Mentors will NOT:

  • Complete any school work for their assigned mentees
  • Answer technical WordPress questions
  • Create or provide content for the digital portfolio


  • The following sheet contains a list of mentors, check the three tabs (Digital, Fashion, and Other), you can choose a mentor regardless of your program
  • Let me know who you would like to connect with by inserting a comment on the name cell of your chosen mentor as shown in the screenshot: right-click the name cell of your chosen mentor, include your full name, LinkedIn profile, and your email address, and I will update the sheet with your name
  • Please note that we can assign only ONE student per mentor, so choose a mentor who has not been already booked
  • I will share follow-up instructions on how and when we’ll be connecting with our assigned mentors. Please note that you will need to setup the virtual meeting at a day and time that’s mutually convenient to you and your mentor

Sample letter to connect with your mentor:

The following is a sample letter you can use to connect with your mentor, thanks to Alexa for sharing.

Subject: Mentorship Program / Humber College

Hello (NAME),

I hope you are doing well. I would like to introduce myself as your mentee for the mentorship program coordinated by Hanadi Alnawab at the Faculty of Business, Humber College.
(greeting and introduction of yourself).

Firstly, I would like to thank you for volunteering your time to participate in the program. I would like to set up a virtual meeting, where we can chat about general insights of your
career and work experience, as well as how to improve my digital portfolio (or any questions you specifically have in mind, in order to allow the mentor to prepare). The meeting can take place on Microsoft Teams or any other platform that you prefer.

I would also like to ask for your permission in order to take a photo of our meeting as part of the project, this photo may be shared on social media such as LinkedIn as we promote our class work. You are able to opt-out if you prefer not to have a photo taken.

Please let me know when you are available for a one-hour video call and if you have a preferred platform (list any specific dates/times).

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,
First and last name
Humber College

Tips for your meeting with your mentor:

  • We had asked our mentors for one hour of their time. Please be respectful of their time, and go prepared with questions
  • Make sure you keep your camera on throughout the meeting
  • Ask your mentor for permission to take a picture so I can create a collage and thank them all on social media and promote our class work
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash