BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Reflection Journals (Remote Learning Winter 2021)

Reflection Journals

Reflection Journals are a space for self-reflection and for private communication with me. This is very important to me as I find alternative ways to get to know you in the virtual environment.

Although I do ask a specific question, please feel free to use this activity to share with me what worked for you and what did not, ask any questions, or simply connect and reflect on the learning.

I do read all journal entries and respond to them either individually or through a general announcement (if many students have the same question or concern).

The Reflection Journals can be accessed through Blackboard under “Assessments”. Each reflection journal is worth 2% of your final grade and is part of the “Class Activities/Quizzes” item in your Course Outline. The marks are awarded to students who participate in the virtual class as they can reflect on the learning.

In writing your journal, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Be completely honest in your writing
  • Feel free to use first person voice, include “I” statements (“I think”, “I feel”, etc.)
  • No cover sheet or reference list is necessary
  • Your journal entry should be a minimum of 100 words, attached as PDF document

I look forward to connecting with you during our virtual sessions, and to reading your journal entries and responding to them. Please write informally and clearly.

Reflection (week 1)
– How do you learn best?
– Is there anything else you would like me to know about you?
– Any previous Web Development experience?
Reflection (week 2)
– What do you like about remote learning / benefits 
– What do you dislike 
– What have you been doing/or suggest I do to help make remote learning a better experience
Reflection (week 3)
– Now that you have a good idea of what will be covered in this course, think of two skills you would like to add to your resume after completing this course.
– Why are these skills important?
– How will you make sure you achieve this?
Reflection (week 4)
Start-Stop-Continue is your feedback to your Prof based on your experience in class so far:
1. Start: something you would like your Prof to start doing
2. Stop: something that is not working and you would like your Prof to stop doing
3. Continue: something that is working and you would like your Prof to continue doing