BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Shopify Group Project (Remote Learning Fall 2021)

Group Project: Shopify Website

You have been hired as Shopify developers by Oakville jewelry designer Luma Qusus at Lumani Jewelry.

Luma’s website was created using Shopify in 2020, and the navigation worked perfectly when she launched the website with a limited selection of items. As she started adding new products, she realized that her website’s navigation needs to be revamped to allow for scalability while maintaining a positive user experience.

Your task is to analyze Luma’s website in terms of navigation and information architecture, and suggest a revised navigation structure that can be implemented using Shopify.

You will be working in small groups of 3 students to create a prototype Shopify website based on your recommendations. Once you create your Shopify group on BB, you will be added as “staff” to a new Shopify store that you will use to implement your recommended, revised structure with your client.


1. Website Critique: In your group, evaluate Luma’s website in terms of user experience, navigation, and Shopify “collections” and make recommendations for improvement. Use headings and sub–headings to clearly label your recommendations (1-2 pages).

2. Revamped Shopify Website: You will be added as “staff” to a Shopify store and are required to configure it using a free theme. Your revamped website must reflect your recommendations in the “Website Critique” document above. To properly present a revamped website navigation structure to our client, you will need at least 10-15 products, make sure you utilize product attributes (e.g. type, vendor, collection, tags, variants…etc). Note that this assignment is about the website’s information architecture, therefore:

  • Do not edit existing content or create new content, instead, you need to select, copy, and paste content from the original website
  • Do not work on SEO or blogging

3. Presentation: You are required to walk us through your revamped website (navigation), as well as the revamped dashboard (collections). You can record your group presentation in your BB Collaborate group (max 3 minutes), or submit screenshots with comments in a PDF document.


  • Website Critique PDF (include your chosen free theme with a link to the demo)
  • Link to your presentation (walking us through the revamped website and dashboard)

Shopify Resources

WordPress vs. Shopify (the terminology)

Categories & TagsBlogs & Categories 
*The tags entered in the dashboard show as categories on the page
WidgetsSocial icons
*Based on theme settings

Links to resources based on class questions during Shopify’s live session Win 21