BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Final Assessment 30%: Webinar Production (Remote Learning Winter 2021)

Webinar Production

You have been hired by HOS as Digital Solutions Consultants to work on webinar production as part of a project promoting digital fluency.

The webinars are live events that will be hosted on Zoom, and will take place during weeks 9 and 10. The events will be promoted publicly: I will be using LinkedIn and Twitter to share class progress leading to the events, make sure you connect with me on BOTH platforms so we can work together on promoting your events.


  • All webinar & dry run dates are posted here: HumberOnline.Solutions
  • Choose a webinar based on the topic (your interest) and your availability (check both webinar date and dry-run date) as you must be available for both
  • Mark your calendar
  • Join the Webinar Committee on Blackboard
  • If you choose the “Grad Panel”, please connect with me to discuss the choice of panel members, we can invite some of the grads on the mentoring program list (refer to your Professional Portfolio assignment)

Blackboard: Webinar Committee

Use the Webinar Committee space on Blackboard to work with your committee members to plan your event.

  • Use Collaborate for your virtual weekly progress meetings (and whenever you need to meet with your team), the chairperson must remember to record the meeting for future reference
  • Use File Exchange to share files with the committee, for example: meeting minutes, images or social media posts that are ready to be posted on Social Media. Each team must create weekly Business Meeting Minutes to be shared with the group on Blackboard after each meeting, team members must take turns creating the minutes. Make sure you use a descriptive file name, and save as PDF before uploading it. View this template example of meeting minutes
  • Use Send Email to email all committee members

Roles of Committee Members

Choose your 2-3 most preferred roles from the following, we can have 2 students work together on each role:

1. Copywriter

  • Writes the press release to promote the webinar
  • Must be submitted by the due date to be posted on the webinar page on HOS along with registration details
  • Compiles questions for the Q&A 
  • Creates the Welcome slide 
  • All content must be written in accordance to the latest SEO guidelines
  • Please send me a royalty free image to be used as a featured image for your event, include the source (full link). It will appear on the Winter series page as well as on your event page

2. Producer

  • Stage manager behind the scenes and the main contact person for all logistical needs 
  • Plans and manages the dry-run and makes sure everything runs smoothly on the live event day
  • Must be available and ready to fill-in for the Moderator(s) in case of emergency on the day of the webinar
  • Responsible for email communications with the guest – make sure I’m CC’d <hanadi.alnawab@humber.ca>

3. Moderator 

  • The person on camera
  • Runs the show
  • Introduces the guest(s)
  • Asks questions at the end 

4. Marketing Team

  • Plans and executes the promotion of the webinar 
  • Creates social media posts to be shared by the team and the class
  • Make sure you use Humber Online Solutions logo (NOT Humber’s logo)
  • Include your event link from Humber Online Solutions as it includes the Zoom registration link

Individual Deliverables (30%)

The following are individual deliverables to be submitted throughout the semester as PDF documents through the “Assessments” on Blackboard before class. Refer to the Critical Path for due dates

1. Role Pitch (3%)
Identify your two preferred roles and a include brief rationale for each. For example, you may already have experience and therefore consider yourself “qualified” for this role, or it could be something you’re interested in exploring and improving.
Submission: one page PDF (200-300 words)

2. Webinar Type & Winter Series Theme (3%)
Webinar Type:
Start by researching types of webinars to find out what style and format you would like to use. Examples are: single expert presenter, panel discussion, Q&A, product demo, interactive piece…etc. Be Creative. Think Outside The Box!
Winter Series Theme:
We need a creative title for the whole Winter webinar series! for example, the Fall 2020 series was called “Building Digital Capacity“. The Winter series title has to be generic due to the variety of topics covered. Get your creative juices flowing!
Submission: one page PDF (200-300 words)

3. Marketing Ideas (3%)
Determine who the audience (attendees of the webinar) will likely be, and how and why this topic would be relevant to the audience
Create a list of suggestions to promote your event. Use point form, each point must be specific, measurable, and doable given your resources and time frame.
Submission: one page PDF (200-300 words)

4. Questions for the Guest (3%)
Research your guest(s), and the industry. Suggest possible questions to ask them during the event (use point form, you may use headings and subheading to categorize your questions if needed). Refer to the Questions link under Templates based on our Fall 2020 experience. During your progress meeting, you will finalize the questions, and the script.
Submission: one page PDF (200-300 words)

5. Webinar Agenda (3%)
Create a draft agenda for the webinar with a detailed breakdown of the live event.
Submission: one page PDF (150 words)

6. Risk Management (3%)
Identify all the potential risks that may arise and develop a Contingency Plan listing the steps that can be taken to reduce or mitigate identified risks using a table with the following columns:
– Risk
– Prevention
– Response
Submission: one page PDF (200 words)

7. Marketing Progress (3%)
Use point form to list:
– What have you done so far to promote your event
– What do you plan on doing leading to your event to increase ticket sales
Submission: one page PDF (100-150 words)

8. Debrief (3%)
What went right, what went wrong, and lessons learned. If you were to do this again, what would you do differently? How can other Humber students from other programs benefit from the recordings?
Submission: one page PDF POINT FORM (200-300 words)

9. SAR based answer to a behavior-based interview question (3%)
You are preparing for a job interview, and are required to use your experience working on this project to come up with a story that you can use during the job interview. Choose one question from the following: 30 Behavioral Interview Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer.
Use the S-A-R based approach to answer your chosen question above based on your experience working on this webinar production project. The following are suggestions on using the S-A-R interview method to create your answer.
Clearly state your chosen question, and your answer.
Submission: one page PDF (200-300 words)

10. Professionalism, group work, and meeting skills (3%)
Each team member will be marked on their professionalism, leadership, collaboration and positive contribution to the weekly business meetings, as well as the dry-run and live event. I will be attending the online sessions and monitoring the conversations to mark this item. Each team member is expected to attend the weekly progress meetings, dry-run, and live event fully prepared.
Submission: Peer evaluation in PDF (download the form: Word, PDF).

Notes & Resources

  • A portion of class time will be dedicated to weekly progress meetings, and I will be attending those meetings for support and supervision, details on the Critical Path
  • Each student will have their name, role, and LinkedIn profile posted on the event page if they:
    • Actively participate in the weekly progress meetings and the creation of the meeting minutes
    • Positively contribute to the final success of the public event
  • The webinars will be delivered through Zoom. I will setup both live event and dry-run sessions, and invite the guests and production team members as follows:
    • Live event: Both production team members and guests will be invited as panelists and will receive an email from Zoom, please do not share this link with other team members as it will be sent to your email address (check your junk folder if needed)
    • Dry-run session: Only production team members will be invited as panelists. Our guests do not need to be part of this exercise
  • To see examples of previous webinars, check the list of our Fall 2020 webinars here, and the full list of recordings here
  • More on Podcasting

Best Practices

The following link includes Process & Best Practices in terms of communications and templates.