BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Webinar Production (Remote Learning Winter 2021)

You have been hired by HOS as Digital Solutions Consultants to work on webinar production as part of a project promoting digital fluency.

  • This is a class assignment that is worth X% of your final grade
  • You must choose one of the roles specified below
  • The webinars will be posted on the HOS website under the 2020-2021 projects
  • The best blog posts & infographics will be posted on the specific webinar page under “Student Engagement”

Production Team Roles

1. Copywriter

  • Writes the marketing piece to promote the webinar
  • Creates extra questions for the Q&A 
  • Creates the Welcome slide 
  • All content must be written in accordance to the latest SEO guidelines

2. Producer

  • Stage manager behind the scenes and the main contact person for all logistical needs 
  • Plans and manages the dry-run 
  • Makes sure everything runs smoothly on the live event day
  • Must be available and ready to fill-in for the Moderator in case of emergency on the day of the webinar
  • Responsible for email communications with the guest, make sure I’m CC’d <hanadi.alnawab@humber.ca>

3. Moderator 

  • The person on camera – runs the show
  • Introduces the guest(s)
  • Asks questions at the end 

4. Marketer

  • Plans the executes the promotion of the webinar 
  • Creates social media posts to be shared by the team and the class 

5. Video Editor

  • Edits the recording as needed 
  • Adds the intro and credits
  • Must have the software and skills needed for basic video editing

6. Blogger

  • Write a blog post about the webinar (after attending the webinar)
  • Select royalty free images to be included in the blog post
  • All content must be written in accordance to the latest SEO guidelines

7. Infographic Designer

  • Creates an infographic that summarizes the webinar (after attending the webinar)
  • Can use Canva or any other tool of your choice
  • All content must be written in accordance to the latest SEO guidelines


Individually: start here and email me your top three choices (both role and webinar) through course messages:

DIGI Class (Week 9)
FASH Class (Week 10)
The dry-run will be scheduled during class time

Book those two days off work in advance so you can fully participate in the experience 

Check the “roles” above and decide which one you would like to take
Team: a portion of class time will be dedicated for weekly progress meetings, and I will be attending those meetings for support and supervision Plan and execute the webinar production

Start by researching types of webinars to find out what style and format you would like to use, be creative, think outside the box. Examples are: single expert presenter, panel discussion, Q&A, product demo. Decide if you would like to have an interactive piece

Each team member is expected to attend the progress meetings fully prepared

Notes & Resources

Deliverables & Marking

Group (X%)Webinar

As a group, you will be marked on the quality of your final live event and your professionalism working as a team
Contribution to Progress Meetings

You will be marked individually on your positive and professional contribution to the progress meetings
Individual (X%)Written Report

This should be 3-5 pages and covers the following:
1. Your role: description of your role and how it fits within the team
2. Process: description of the process
3. Reflection & lessons learned: this is a reflective piece; what would you do differently if you were hired to do this again?

Appendix: include ALL the work you’ve done individually here, this can be text or screepcaps