BUS 2504/FASH 4500 Website Development Platforms (Remote Learning Fall 2021)

Website Development Platforms

Choose a Platform (group)

  • The objective of this exercise is to analyze and assess an Online Website Building Platform (note that this exercise is not about finding the best platform)
  • Use your preferred search engine to look for free website building platforms that provide FREE templates
  • Platform duplication not allowed: Choose a platform and post it on the Discussions Board to avoid platform duplication. Examples include Weebly, GoDaddy and many of the hosting service providers. Do not use WordPress, Shopify, or Wix

Experiment with the Platform (individually)

  • Signup individually to your chosen platform
  • Create a website of 3-4 pages, the content can be borrowed from your own portfolio
  • Experiment with inserting various HTML elements (e.g. header, paragraph, hyperlink, table, list…etc) as well as a multimedia (text, image, video, audio)
  • Remember to cite sources of any media used on your individual website. Image/video source can be either inserted right under the image/video, or on a separate page called “Credits” for example
  • Include a disclaimer on the homepage “This is a class project”

Analyze & Present Your Findings (group)

  • Analyze your chosen platform based on certain criteria identified by the group (for example: functionality, ease of use … etc)
  • List and discuss three advantages and three disadvantages of the platform by including screen captures from your own experiences with short comments on why this is an advantage, or disadvantage (in your own words, do not use information from the vendor’s website)
  • Your recommendation: would you recommend the platform or not? justify your answer
  • Remember to cite your sources (e.g. media used, your chosen platform)

Deliverables & Submission (PDF on BB)

  • Present your findings as a group by creating a PowerPoint presentation with the following:
    • Slide 1: Chosen platform, and criteria used for analysis
    • Slide 2: Full name of each student hyperlinked to their individual website
    • Slide 3: Advantage 1
    • Slide 4: Advantage 2
    • Slide 5: Advantage 3
    • Slide 6: Disadvantage 1
    • Slide 7: Disadvantage 2
    • Slide 8: Disadvantage 3
    • Slide 9: Group recommendation
    • Slide 10: Sources
  • Save as PDF and submit your document through the Assignments on Blackboard (one group submission)