BUS 2504 Web Development Course at a Glance (Remote Learning Winter 2021)

Course at a Glance

This is a hands-on course. Therefore, there will be no exams. Instead, there are plenty of hands-on learning activities to cover and assess the course learning outcomes as shown in the table below.

  • All assessments are to be submitted on Blackboard in PDF format
  • Most submissions are due before class
  • Check the due dates & times on Blackboard –> Assessments
  • It is your responsibility to mark your calendar with the due dates & times, whether you use a digital or paper-based calendar
Assessment (Course Outline)Details & InstructionsWeightIndividual/Group
Class Activities/Quizzes (15%)Individual Introductions2%Individual
Reflection Journals (4)8%Individual
Website Development Tools5%Group (in-class)
Web Dev Assignment (10%) HTML Webpage10%Individual
Midterm Assessment (25%)Professional Portfolio
Mentoring Program

Phase 1:
Pages, Video & Navigation
Phase 2:
Final website, SEO strategy & reflection
Final Group Project (20%)Shopify Website

Phase 1:
Project Plan & SEO Strategy Presentation
Phase 2:
Completed Website & Reflection Presentation
Final Assessment (30%)
Webinar Production
Best Practices
10 activities * 3% each
30%10 Individual Submissions
1 Group Event