Awards Night 2016

The Business School celebrated the 2015/2016 Student Awards and Scholarships on Wednesday Nov 30, 2016. Awards and scholarship recipients were invited to celebrate with their families and Humber faculty and administrators the Awards Night at the Lakeshore Campus.

Congratulations to our Award Winners!

  • Bachelor of Commerce Digital Business Management Leadership Award: Kiran Bajwa, Farihah Chowdhury, Irina Gorea, and Christine Howald
  • Digital Business Excellence Award: Kyle Greiner & Maggie Wesley Palmer
  • Digital Business Management Faculty Award: Christine Hagen & Xi Zheng
  • HSBC Bank Canada Scholarships: Lyndsay Brooks, Irina Gorea, and Valery Skapare
  • Illumiti SAP Award: Rahim Dhrolia
  • Nelson Education Publishing Award: Xi Zheng
  • Patricia and David William McKee Golden Anniversary Award: Irina Gorea

Small Business Forum 2016


Join 2,500 entrepreneurs at the Small Business Forum and learn how various technologies and organizations can help you operate and grow your business.

Metro Toronto Convention Centre
South Building, Level 800
Exhibit Halls F & G

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Conferences Fall 2016

Attention all semester 5 students:

We will be attending the following two conferences as part of the BUS 3003 course and LAW 3001 course. Students who choose to attend will receive 2 bonus marks, upon submission of proof of attending (group pictures at the conference or other material).

The following in-class meetings will be cancelled, so you can attend the following conferences:

  • Friday Oct 28 (LAW 3001) to attend FSOSS with Prof. Marcos Cavenaghi
  • Monday Oct 31 (BUS 3003) to attend CASCON with Prof. Hanadi Alnawab

FSOSS: Free Software and Open Source Symposium

  • Thursday Oct 27 – Friday Oct 28, Seneca@York Campus, Toronto
  • (Cost was covered by the Business School for students who registered before Friday Sept 30)

CASCON 2016: Cognitive Computing and Cyber Physical Systems

We’re Hiring for VEBTA 2016/2017

We are currently hiring work-study students to join our VEBTA team for the upcoming 2016/2017 projects. The following are the positions:

  1. WordPress Developer (this role includes SEO, content development, and social media setup)
  2. Graphic Designer (this includes logo design, graphics for the website, business card)
  3. Photographer (photography of products for the website, headshot of client / team)

Before you apply, please visit the following link to learn more about VEBTA 2015/2016

Please note that applicants must be current, registered, full-time Humber students. Work on the VEBTA project will take place between Sept 2016 and April 2017. During that time, students working on the project are expected to attend 3-5 meetings with the client, and short weekly progress meetings with the development team. Progress meetings will be scheduled before or after class. The  total number of hours will be determined based on the project requirements, the role, and the student’s availability.

If you are interested in applying, please send your resume to with the subject line “VEBTA 2016/2017 work-study application“. Indicate the following in your message:

  1. The position you’re interested in (one of the above three)
  2. Examples of relevant work completed in the past (e.g. class project links from the web development course)
  3. Your availability (number of hours per week)
  4. Whether you have worked at Humber as a work-study student in the past, and the position held

Please note that applications will be reviewed with Applied Research & Innovation, and successful applicants will be invited for an interview at the Lakeshore campus.

Opportunity: Sponsored Workshops

The Business School will be sponsoring two students to attend half-day Camp Tech workshops during the summer.

Please visit CampTech and email me ( if you’re interested in attending a workshop.

Students who attend a workshop are required to share their experience with their colleagues through a short blog post with pictures, and contribute to a student-led seminar in Sept 2016.

Social Media Panel (Free Event)

HumberLaunch is hosting a digital and social media panel on Wednesday, April 13 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. in L 1017.

It’s a FREE event and we will have social media experts Adam Sanders from Strategic Objectives, Andrew Bartucci from Insurance Bureau of Canada and Brock McLaughlin from The iPR Group as our speakers and will be discussing the role of social media for businesses.

See the attached PDF for details: LaunchX-MediaRelease

The registration link is:

Digital Media Summit

The Business School is offering four students from The Digital Business Management degree program the opportunity to attend the following event at a cost of $50.

If you are interested, please email me ( with the subject line “Digital Media Summit”.

Below is more info about the event.


The Digital Media Summit is a one-day social media and interactive marketing conference bringing together the biggest brands to examine the growth and innovation of social and digital content. Professionals from all around the world will gather to discuss the business of content – from mobile to gaming and social media.

The Academic Registration Package includes access to all events at the Digital Media Summit including:

  •       Workshops
  •       Panel discussions
  •       Presentations
  •       Keynotes
  •       Interviews
  •       Networking opportunities

Bonus: Students will receive a 7-day Canadian Music Week Festival Wristband granting access to the Music, Film and Comedy Festivals during Canadian Music Week.

MS Excel Workshop: Intermediate

To all BComm Degree students,

The second “intermediate” Excel workshop will be held on campus on Sunday Feb 7, 2016 (9:00 AM – 3:30 PM) in L3012 (includes 30 minutes lunch break – please bring your own lunch).

The workshop will be taught by a Microsoft Certified Trainer. There are 30 spots available and the cost for the second intermediate workshop is $25 (which is the cost of of the material, non-refundable), payable by cash at the Business School office in H214.

Students will have access to a personal online account (setup through their email address), an electronic copy of the manual, data files needed to complete the exercises, and other online resources.
To register, please email with the subject line “Excel Intermediate”, include your full name and your program in your message. You must then see Stephanie in H214 before Jan 29 to pay the fees to confirm your registration.
Please find below more details on the intermediate workshop.

Microsoft® Office Excel® 2013: Part 2 (Intermediate)


Whether you need to crunch numbers for sales, inventory, information technology, human resources, or other organizational purposes and departments, the ability to get the right information to the right people at the right time can create a powerful competitive advantage. After all, the world runs on data more than ever before and that’s a trend not likely to change, or even slow down, any time soon. But with so much data available and being created on a nearly constant basis, the ability to make sense of that data becomes more critical and challenging with every passing day. You already know how to get Excel to perform simple calculations and how to modify your workbooks and worksheets to make them easier to read, interpret, and present to others. But, Excel is capable of doing so much more. To gain a truly competitive edge, you need to be able to extract actionable organizational intelligence from your raw data. In other words, when you have questions about your data, you need to know how to get Excel to provide the answers for you. And that’s exactly what this course aims to help you do.

This course builds upon the foundational knowledge presented in the Microsoft® Office Excel® 2013: Part 1 (Second Edition) course and will help start you down the road to creating advanced workbooks and worksheets that can help deepen your understanding of organizational intelligence. The ability to analyze massive amounts of data, extract actionable information from it, and present that information to decision makers is at the foundation of a successful organization that is able to compete at a high level.

This course covers Microsoft Office Specialist exam objectives to help students prepare for the Excel 2013 Exam and the Excel 2013 Expert Exam.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to leverage the power of data analysis and presentation in order to make informed, intelligent organizational decisions.

You will:

  • Customize the Excel environment.
  • Create advanced formulas.
  • Analyze data by using functions and conditional formatting.
  • Organize and analyze datasets and tables.
  • Visualize data by using basic charts.
  • Analyze data by using PivotTables, slicers, and PivotCharts.

Target Student: 

This course is designed for students who already have foundational knowledge and skills in Excel 2013 and who wish to begin taking advantage of some of the higher-level functionality in Excel to analyze and present data.


To ensure success, students should have completed Microsoft® Office Excel® 2013: Part 1 or have the equivalent knowledge and experience.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Customizing the Excel Environment 

Topic A: Configure Excel Options

Topic B: Customize the Ribbon and the Quick Access Toolbar

Topic C: Enable Excel Add-Ins

Lesson 2: Creating Advanced Formulas 

Topic A: Use Range Names in Formulas

Topic B: Use Specialized Functions

Topic C: Use Array Formulas

Lesson 3: Analyzing Data with Functions and Conditional Formatting 

Topic A: Analyze Data by Using Text and Logical Functions

Topic B: Apply Advanced Conditional Formatting

Lesson 4: Organizing and Analyzing Datasets and Tables 

Topic A: Create and Modify Tables

Topic B: Sort Data

Topic C: Filter Data

Topic D: Use SUBTOTAL and Database Functions

Lesson 5: Visualizing Data with Basic Charts 

Topic A: Create Charts

Topic B: Modify and Format Charts

Lesson 6: Analyzing Data with PivotTables, Slicers, and PivotCharts 

Topic A: Create a PivotTable

Topic B: Analyze PivotTable Data

Topic C: Present Data with PivotCharts

Topic D: Filter Data by Using Slicers

Appendix A: Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Exam 77-420 

Appendix B: Microsoft Office Excel 2013 Expert Exams 77–427 and 77-428 

Appendix C: Financial Functions 

Appendix D: Date and Time Functions 

Appendix E: Working with Graphical Objects