Conferences Fall 2016

Attention all semester 5 students: We will be attending the following two conferences as part of the BUS 3003 course and LAW 3001 course. Students who choose to attend will receive 2 bonus marks, upon submission of proof of attending (group pictures at the conference or other material). The following in-class meetings will be cancelled, so you can attend the following conferences: Friday Oct 28 (LAW 3001) … Continue reading Conferences Fall 2016


Nov 4, 2014: Students from the e-Business Marketing Program attended the CASCON 2014. They attended the keynote speaker session, and used the information they learned to support their paper assignment on Watson. Sridhar Sudarsan CTO & Chief Architect, Watson Ecosystem, IBM Watson Group Speakers page (click here) Watch the recorded video (click here) Download the presentation (click here) We plan on attending CASCON 2015 next year! Continue reading CASCON 2014