Opportunity: Sponsored Workshops

The Business School will be sponsoring two students to attend half-day Camp Tech workshops during the summer. Please visit CampTech and email me (hanadi.alnawab@humber.ca) if you’re interested in attending a workshop. Students who attend a workshop are required to share their experience with their colleagues through a short blog post with pictures, and contribute to a student-led seminar in Sept 2016. Continue reading Opportunity: Sponsored Workshops

Interested in Teaching English Overseas?

The following message might be of interest to our fourth year – graduating class, received through the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Interested in Teaching English Overseas? Start your part-time TESOL Program in May and be ready to teach overseas in September. Classes are in the evenings and online with the teaching practicum in Humber ESL classes. For more information please refer to the link below. http://www.humber.ca/continuingeducation/program/teaching-english-speakers-other-languages   Continue reading Interested in Teaching English Overseas?

OCE Funding – VEBTA Program

I am very pleased to share that we received a grant from Ontario Centres of Excellence. The grant will provide funding for five e-business solutions with industry partners, to be completed by end of March 2016. Please read below about the VEBTA program. VEBTA Program / Website Development   At Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, Ontario’s small and medium sized enterprises have … Continue reading OCE Funding – VEBTA Program

Student-led Seminar: Photoshop

Our third year e-Business Marketing student, Lauren Ashmore, will be facilitating a hands-on workshop on Photoshop skills. The workshop will be focused around preparing photos for posting via social media, including: Setting up the canvas Overview of basic tools with an emphasis on cropping and text Resolutions and dimensions used in different social media platforms How to adjust an image in order to emphasize your “look” How … Continue reading Student-led Seminar: Photoshop

Great Photo Session with Legacy Photo!

Thanks very much to Kristina Pengilley (Legacy Photo) and the e-Business Student Association team for organizing a great photo session for our students. Kristina is graduate of our program and has generously offered her time and expertise to provide our students with professional photos to be used on their LinkedIn accounts.   Continue reading Great Photo Session with Legacy Photo!

FSOSS @ Seneca

The Business School will be sponsoring a group of students from the e-Business Marketing program to attend the FSOSS (Free Software and Open Source Symposium)  @ Seneca College http://fsoss.senecac.on.ca/2015/ FSOSS 2015 will be celebrating 30 Years of Freedom on October 29-30. Keynote speakers include:     Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation     Ruth Suehle, Community Marketing Manager, Red Hat To register, email courtneymcoon@gmail.com by Monday October 5, 2015 with … Continue reading FSOSS @ Seneca