Alexandra Belen shares her Study Abroad experience at VIA University College, Denmark

I spent my Winter 2019 semester in the beautiful country of Denmark. I lived in the city of Horsens and attended VIA University College for Global Business Engineering where I met incredible people from different parts of the world. The program provided me with fresh academic approach, improved intercultural communication skills and the ability to be flexible and adapt to new circumstances.

While studying at VIA, I decided to join an event called the VIA Hackathon, a 24-hour problem-solving experience. We were presented with real cases to solve such as how to incorporate the newest technology in Virtual Reality (VR)/ Augmented Reality (AR) with the shopping experience in Horsens City Centre. The whole experience was filled with brainstorming, collaborating, receiving advice from instructors, and importantly, a lot of laughter as I am teamed up with my newly-found friends. We initially joined the Hackathon to see the competitive nature of the school and unsurprisingly had more of an amazing, fun time.

Studying abroad only enriched my study experience of Digital Business Management in
Humber. I have always been interested in the similarities and differences of the uses of technology in managing enterprises around the world. Being in Denmark allowed me to see from a different perspective, the growing digital and technological world.

Furthermore, spending semester abroad allowed me to fulfill my education and at the same time experience different culture and explore other cities in Europe. From tasting wine samples in France and seeing the Eiffel tower, to eating sweet soft cake of Sweden, and exploring the city of Brussels and then being disappointed from missing the bus in a foreign city at three in the morning, to being humbled by walking in the beautiful streets of Amsterdam. I connected with my adventurous side and never felt any braver. While I learned so much from people that I met, I have also learned a lot about myself. Every moment of my study abroad was memorable and I am very thankful for this opportunity.

Merve Demir shares her experience as an exchange student from the Netherlands

Hello all,

I’m Merve, an exchange student from the Netherlands (Fontys University of Applied Science). I studied Digital Business Management this semester at the Humber College. I can say this was an amazing adventure for me. First of all I had to get used to the education system here in Canada. The way of working and the culture was different for me. But I have survived and learned a lot. I joined the DBSA team and helped at different cool workshops of it. I think that this is a really helpful activity from the faculty Digital Business Management. For example I helped at a workshop about SEO. Persons from companies came and explained how they use SEO for their company.

Beside school I did a lot of things. I met nice people, traveled and had my first real Canadian cottage weekend. Canada is such a beautiful country. I did a lot of hikes here and explored peaceful places. Before I came to Canada I heard stories about the kind Canadians, but I was wondering If it was true. And I can say the Canadians are the best!! When I was struggling with my friend Google Maps, a random woman asked me If everything was fine with me, because I was looking confused. Or that random people were talking to me while I was going to Down Town in the Streetcar. This wouldn’t happen back home.

Unfortunately this experience came to an end. I have to say goodbye, but I had a great time and went out of my comfort zone. Canada, I see you soon!

Keith Crooc shares his Study Abroad experience at Aarhus, Denmark

On August 9, 2017, I arrived to the place that I would call my home for the next couple of months.
Aarhus, Denmark was a welcoming city that was full of life. The school I attended, Business Academy Aarhus, helped create a Study Abroad experience something I would never forget. They introduced me to an amazing group of friends (who were also abroad students) that I would still keep in contact with and miss to this very day. Business Academy Aarhus also brought a new style of learning in the “Digital Concept Development” program, which encouraged diversity and teamwork. We would work on 3 major projects that were provided by different businesses. The business would then brief us on a particular situation that they would like to improve. We were to form a team to take on the challenge and create a unique digital solution to present to executives who work for the business. The instructors were very involved in the entire process by providing more than just a lecture, they would also provide mentorship and give advice on how to approach challenges. Our digital solutions would then go towards an individual portfolio that we would have to create and present in an interview with our instructors as a final examination. During the interview, we would discuss how we incorporated concepts we learned in class to our solutions, and justify the application of each them. The Digital Concept Development program gave me the chance to showcase my passions for the digital industry and apply the skills that I have been learning over the years.

Studying in Aarhus was a very exciting and refreshing experience. It was a step out of my comfort zone, going into a new school, new culture and new people. But it is a step that I am so happy I took. I hope to one day have a reunion with the place I still consider my home and catch up with all the wonderful people I got to meet. Watch this video I made about my trip!

Hungkuang University in Taiwan Summer Study Abroad (application deadline April 27)

Humber is offering an amazing opportunity this summer for our students  to participate in a non-credit program in Taiwan.  TWO eligible students will have their tuition and accommodation waived and may be eligible for a bursary to cover additional costs. This is open to both diploma and degree students.
The two successful candidates will study at Hungkuang University in Taichung City, Taiwan from August 8 – 21, 2018. While abroad, they will study Chinese language and participate in a variety of cultural events.
Please note that the opportunity is available to full-time Humber students only. Application deadline is April 27. See the program flyer and application form below:

Students Can Earn Humber GNED or Breadth Electives credits this summer in India (deadline April 12)

Humber is offering a unique opportunity this summer for our students to earn up to two GNED or lower-level degree breadth elective credits abroad … in India!! This opportunity is best suited for students currently completing Semester 2 (or Semesters 2 and 4 in degree programs).

Humber students will study together at the beautiful campus of Parul University in scenic Vadodara, cultural hub of West India. While abroad, they will complete two academic courses that are eligible for GNED or lower-level degree breadth elective transfer credit:

  • India Culture: Traditions, Customs and Arts of India
  • Cross-Cultural Communications
  • ALL eligible students will receive a travel bursary of $2,000 CAD from Humber to help cover travel expenses.
  • Click here to watch a video produced one of the Humber students who completed the program in 2016!!

Please note that the opportunity is available to full-time Humber students only. Application deadline is April 12. See documents below:

Parul University Summer Flyer_2018 – Extended

Summer Academic Program Application Kit_2018_Parul University

Humber Global Learning Opportunities! Apply today!

Humber is the gateway to global opportunities. Change the way you see the world!!

Travel, learn, and grow! Discover the world for academic credit, and learn about your place in today’s global community.

Follow these steps to start your journey!

Step 1: Explore the various opportunities available:

 Step 2: Consider enrolling in Humber’s FREE Global Citizenship Certificate program!

 Step 3: Contact your study abroad coordinator in The Business School to learn more and discuss your options:

Margaret Tellis:

“Travel as much as you can, as far as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place.”

Christine Hagen shares her Summer Study Abroad experience in India 2016

Post by: Christine Hagen

My name is Christine Hagen and I am currently a second year Digital Business Management student. During my first year of studies at Humber, I really wanted to make my education count. I participated in various events and conferences outside of class time to learn more about my current program and the possible careers it had to offer.

My interest in studying abroad rose after taking a class on Social Entrepreneurship and learning about various entrepreneurs and how they decided to take their current path.

I figured this would be a great incentive to try out the Study Abroad program at Humber to see if I could come up with new innovative ideas. I researched more about the study abroad programs Humber offered and applied for India. I felt it was a good duration to overcome the “holiday” feeling and truly get a feel for living in the country. The India trip lasted four weeks.

While I was in India, I have learned more than I ever anticipated. I am often still learning principles taught in India, after being home for two months. My study abroad program has offered me insight on myself, others, and various situations.

For anyone looking to study abroad, I would recommend a summer program. It allows you to gain credits, while feeling like you are a tourist at the same time. Personally, I had the opportunity to learn about India and their culture, religions, ways of life, while learning more about who I am. What my personal morals and beliefs are and how I would do something differently. There are no true words to explain the experience I had. All I can say is I am thankful for the opportunity to go and I will cherish the memories and lessons I have learned for a lifetime.



Student Study Abroad and Full-Semester exchange opportunities

The following announcement is from our Study Abroad program for students in Year 1 and Year 2:

The application deadline for our short-term summer study abroad programs and the full-semester exchange opportunities is fast approaching: Monday, February 22.

All three opportunities are open to degree and diploma students who meet the eligibility requirements.  All applicants must submit an application, Letter of Intent and have an interview.  Students must be in Good Academic Standing and demonstrate a strong commitment to their studies.

  • Finland: 3-week Business Communication and Creativity program (optional 4th week trip to Russia)- view flyer/application
  • Scotland: 2-week Business Creativity Program (develop entrepreneurial skills at an Estate in the Country – view flyer/application
  • India: 4-week International Business Management and Culture Program (NEW!) (Students eligible for a $1000 bursary for this program) – view flyer/application

Study Abroad Program: Curt Pinto

Our third year e-Business Marketing student, Curt Pinto, will be spending his fall 2015 semester as an exchange student at the Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark.

Curt has been warmly welcomed, and is the only exchange student from North America. This will be a very exciting opportunity and we wish Curt all the best!

Study Abroad Program:

Humber Business Degree Students have the opportunity to study abroad for a semester at one of our partner institutions
More details: