Our Graduates

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Meet some of our graduates and learn what they’re up to and where life has taken them since they graduated from our program.

Some started working right after graduation…

Chad Fernandez (LinkedIn Profile)

Chad Fernandez, Humber grad
Chad Fernandez, Humber grad

Chad Fernandez is a Humber grad who completed his Digital Business Management degree in 2016. He was 1 of the 5 original members of the Digital Business Student Association (DBSA) and the goal of the DBSA was to establish a network that would bring added value for his class and the students beyond, ultimately opening doors to industry knowledge like never before. This allowed them to bring in industry professionals to teach students and to create career opportunities by connecting students to professors, alumni’s and other industry professionals.

Chad grew his career through his courses at Humber, and through his experience working at Humber Sustainability as a Communications and Events Work Study student, as well as working on key Web Development projects with the DBSA. To supplement his learning experience at Humber, he dedicated a summer to learning more about Web Development through a Part-Time course at Hacker You. The experience + knowledge gained, ultimately positioned him to apply for a Work-Term position at Blue Ant Media. This experience paid dividends. He was able to gain invaluable work experience as an e-Commerce Marketing Coordinator, which eventually led to a call-back after graduation for a role as a Trade Marketing Specialist.

Michael Turner (LinkedIn profile)

Michael Turner Humber grad
Michael Turner, Humber grad

Michael Turner is currently the Web Developer at ENGINEERING.com. In that role he is responsible for maintaining the website and ensuring that site users enjoy the best experience possible. Most recently he lead a re-design project to freshen up the look and feel of the site while making the site fully mobile responsive. Other initiatives involve continuing to refine the website to keep it running smoothly and bug free, providing data on site usage using Google Analytics and in the near future leading the development of an Android and iOS app.


Diana Gaspar (LinkedIn profile)

Diana Gaspar, Humber grad
Diana Gaspar, Humber grad

Diana is a recent graduate from the E-Business Marketing program. What she enjoyed most about the program were the hands-on and technical skills she gained, as employers value this a lot! The work placement was a great way to get more practical experience and apply what was learned in the classroom.

Diana holds the position of Logistics Analyst at TJX Canada/Winners Merchants International L.P.

Mitch L. Henderson (LinkedIn profile)

Mitch Henderson, Humber grad
Mitch Henderson, Humber grad

Hello Humber students and future graduates! As you move through your education and begin transitioning into the work force, I believe it is my duty to provide you with some insight into my experiences upon graduation. There are two very important things to know. Firstly, networking is key. Always make connections, and build a network. There is no harm in helping others get ahead, and reaching out for assistance. Starting a Linkedin profile early on was the key to my successes. I was approached on Linkedin for an SEO Specialist position at Big Al’s Aquarium Supercentres. I was then approached by Michael Page 10 months later through a connection I made. Now I am working at EB Games Corporate Office performing as a Website Merchandise Coordinator. The second most important key to success is knowledge. Your grades may be important, but actually utilizing, applying, and understanding the knowledge provided in class will help you in the future. I may not have been the top of my class, but I constantly seek information. We didn’t learn about the Adobe creative suite, so I purchased it myself and began tutorials. Learn something every day. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or via personal email: mitchell_henderson@hotmail.com, or give me a call (647) 522-4363.

Monika Jozsa Kennedy (LinkedIn profile)

Monika Kennedy was a recent graduate from the e-Business Marketing degree program in 2009 with honours at Humber College. Monika always had an interest in working with business and technology, and found the program to be a great fit.

Monika Kennedy, Humber grad
Monika Kennedy, Humber grad

Monika completed her summer co-op program with Sun Life Financial and quickly grew her resume during her time as e-Commerce Coordinator with adidas Group Canada, managing both the adidas and Reebok Canada websites. During her studies at Humber College, she was able to gain specialized experience in HTML coding and develop project management skills during the full-year Applied Business Project course in Year Four.

Commitment to her studies at Humber College have allowed Monika to achieve great success in the short time since graduating from the e-Business Marketing degree program.

 Jeanne Marie Castor (LinkedIn profile)

Jeanne Marie Castor, Humber grad
Jeanne Marie Castor, Humber grad

Jeanne graduated from our program in 2010, and is currently the Marketing & Social Media Manager of Trump Toronto Hotel®. Jeanne amassed her broad expertise from diverse companies such as Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto, PinPoint GPS, Vital Points Nursing, Humber College of Business School, Convurgency Inc., Tetley Canada and Avison Young Property Management. Driven by her passion in marketing and business, Jeanne strives to push herself to the next level. In addition to overseeing and executing Trump Toronto’s marketing projects, Jeanne is in charge of all social media influencers outreach program and online marketing campaigns.

How did I get to where I am now: It’s all about your drive to succeed and networking! My first career job was purely by chance, someone knows somebody from the company which separated me from the other candidates on top of the three-part interviews.
Advice for recent graduates: Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

Linda Esteireiro (LinkedIn profile)

Linda is currently an Associate Product Manager at BioSyent Pharma Inc.


Lucia Paez (LinkedIn profile)

Lucia Paez, Humber grad
Lucia Paez, Humber grad

During her 4th year at Humber, Lucia started working as a Business Development Representative at Clear Spider, an information systems company. The Digital Business Management program presented the perfect fit for this position, as the combination of business skills and information technology gives her the ability to understand the business requirements of Operations and IT departments and capitalize on the product’s competitive advantages.

 As of now she is looking to start her double Master of International Business and Master of Finance at Queen’s University in September 2016. These skills combined with the education acquired at Humber and her work experience in client relationships will help Lucia start her career in Wealth and Property Management.
Lucia’s advice: Education will help you excel at your job, but the key to getting INTO that job lays on all the other resources Humber offers. Network! Network! Network! Talk to teachers, talk to the career centre, attend events, join an academic club. All of these will prove invaluable as they will give you the exposure necessary to reach employers.

Some decided to go back to school for graduate studies …

Irina Gorea (LinkedIn Profile)

Irina is currently completing her Master of Science in Management at Ryerson University

Atiya Roach (LinkedIn Profile)

Atiya completed her MBA in Strategy and Leadership, Queen’s University in 2013. She’s currently a Commercial Account Manager at BDC.

Ryan J. Daoust (LinkedIn profile)

Ryan completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at ESADE Business & Law School in Spain.

Orest Pochodaj (LinkedIn profile)

Orest completed his Master of Science (MSc) in Computer Information Systems at Boston University.