Thanks for volunteering to participate in our Webinar series. Below is some useful information for both the presenters, and the DBSA team. 

Platform & Notes for the Presenters

DBSA Team:

  • Setup the meeting on Zoom and emails on Eventbrite (view how-to link with screen caps) Make sure the Time Zone is correct: (GMT-5:00) Eastern Time (US and Canada)
  • Email the presenter login credential to DBSA’s Zoom and this page 
  • Create a Google feedback form on the DBSA’s Google account and schedule an email through Eventbrite to be sent right after the event
  • Promote the event (Hanadi: prog list, PCs, placement, colleagues (Lake/North), Tina, Bianca, Cheryl cfe, alumni DBSA, HOS clients, ARI, LAS, Media, Communique, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Note: We have purchased the Pro plan that offers “Meetings” with up to 100 participants and unlimited meeting time. Note that the “free” plan offers a max of 40 min meeting time, suitable for testing and short group meetings.