This assignment is to be completed in small groups and submitted through Blackboard as per the instructions. Use the “Groups” function on Blackboard to join a group.

Your task is to create a Shopify website for our client using the sign-up link provided in class as it gives you access to a free store for the semester. Your website must adhere to the following:

  • Password protect your store using “humber” as a password
  • Configure a free theme
  • Include a note on the homepage clearly describing that this is a class project
  • Include 10-15 products
  • Each “collection” must have at least one product
  • Include 2 short blog posts, well optimized for search engines


  1. Your Shopify website URL in the “Submission” text field
  2. Screencaps of your dashboard (details below). Make sure you use PPT, then save as PDF before you submit on BB

Since I do not have access to your dashboard, I will need to see screen captures of some of your dashboard items (listed below). Create a PPT file with a title slide that includes your full names, include the following screencaps, then save it as PDF before you upload it on BB. Make sure ALL screencaps are high quality images that can be viewed so I can see the details from your Dashboard:

Under “Products”:

  • Screencap showing All Products (view example)
  • Screencap of one product that is visible from the home page (view example: page 1, page 2, page 3)
  • Screencap of Collections (view example)
  • Screencap of Coming Soon collection (view example)
  • Include a slide with: rationale behind your choice of collections and how it impacts navigation and user experience

Under “Online Store”:

Under “Settings”:

Shopify Resources

WordPress vs. Shopify (the terminology)

Categories & TagsBlogs & Categories 
*The tags entered in the dashboard show as categories on the page
WidgetsSocial icons
*Based on theme settings

Links to resources based on class questions during Shopify’s live session Win 21