Meet Hanadi

Welcome and thanks for visiting! My name is Hanadi Alnawab, Professor and Program Coordinator of the Digital Business Management degree program at The Faculty of Business, Humber College. I have been teaching full-time at The Faculty of Business since 2006, and coordinating the Digital Business Management program since 2015.

I am passionate about relationship-rich classrooms and experiential learning, and I incorporate both concepts into the design of my classes. Outside of work, I enjoy travelling, baking, and spending quality time with my son and husband.

Below are some highlights of my professional life, connect with me on Twitter and LinkedIn!


  • League for Innovation Award: Very hououred to have received this award in 2019 for my work on HumberOnline.Solutions, and had the pleasure of presenting this Experiential Learning initiative at the Innovations Conference, League for Innovation in the Community College in Seattle, Washington March 1-4, 2020
  • Distinguished Faculty Award: Very grateful to my colleagues for nominating me and to the Faculty of Business for the Distinguished Faculty Award, and to my students for walking the journey with me! Had a great celebration with my students and colleagues.

International Engagement

  • EDC Kenya (Entrepreneurship, Digital Livelihoods, and Creative Arts Kenya): Led a multidisciplinary team of Humber students on a project to empower female refugees in Kenya in partnership with Humber’s International Development Institute. Read more on my blog post: Digital Business Students Work on an International Project.
  • WE ARE International Theme Week, Fontys: Delivered a keynote speech and participated as a co-coach in WE ARE – International, a Theme Week designed for 450 second year students from four bachelor degree programs at Fontys Academy for Creative Industries in Tilburg, Holland. Read more on my blog post: WE ARE – International Week.

Industry Collaboration

  • HumberOnline.Solutions: Started this experiential learning platform in 2015 to connect current Humber students with the industry through various extracurricular projects. Visit the HOS website to learn more.
  • Live Case Studies: I continue to collaborate with local businesses and organizations in Ontario to embed business problems into my teaching and course work design, giving students the opportunity to interact with a small business owner. The following are examples of industry projects we used in the classroom in collaboration with local organizations: Arts Milton, Humber-Fontys COIL, Lisa’s Pet Care Services, Playful Strides Therapy, X-Ray Magic, La Moda Hair Studio, Cleo focus group, and many other.