La Moda Hair Studio

Website Project:

La Moda Hair Studio opened in Mississauga in July 2018. Owned and managed by Amir & Sam, two talented hairdressers with over 20 years of experience in the industry, La Moda needs a strong online presence.

Live Case Study:

La Moda’s website project will be used as a live case study for the BUS 2504 Web Development course during Winter 2019. This page will be updated regularly throughout the semester, and references to the textbook will be added as needed (note: there will be no references to the textbook for the graphic design and photography components as these are beyond the scope of this course). We will be working on branding, and creating an information website for the hair studio using the WordPress platform (ref: Chapter 1: Types of Websites, Web Templates and Content Management Systems).


ARI Award to Support Class Work:

Thanks to an award from Applied Research & Innovation, the funding is used to hire students from various Humber schools and programs to support the project in areas that are beyond the scope of the course. The following students will be joining us to support our class work during the semester  (ref: Chapter 1: Web Design Roles).

WordPress Prabhavi Vashisht, The Business School
Graphic Design Ricky Martin, School of Media Studies
Photography Jonah Zapparoli, The Business School

Gabriel Davin, School of Media Studies

PWC – writer Kaysey Davis, School of LAS


Graphic Design:

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Class Work – Design Thinking (Phase 1: Empathize)

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Class Work – Design Thinking (Phase 3: Ideate)

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Project Updates:

  • Jan 14: Ricky Martin, our graphic designer met with the business owners to discuss their branding needs and learn more about their business and services offered. This was also our scheduled Media day, our two photographers (Jonah and Gabbo) took pictures of the salon and the owners (ref: Chapter 3)
  • Jan 15 & 16: The class worked on the first phase of the Design Thinking and generated a list of questions to La Moda (ref: Chapters 2&3, Design Thinking resources on BB)
  • Jan 18: La Moda provided answers to our questions
  • Jan 24: The website is updated with the following pictures, under “Portfolio”. The pictures were selected from La Moda’s social media, and renamed for SEO before being posted on the website (ref: Chapter 1, Appendix D, resources on BB)
  • Feb 4: Ricky Martin met with Amir and Sam, presented concepts and colour palette, and discussed their feedback
  • Feb 5: The class worked on a storyboard, a number of themes were suggested