Linda Carter’s Portfolio

Website Project:

Linda Carter is a Canadian producer, actor, model, and director. She has extensive experience in the entertainment industry as her career started in 1970. She’s the director, producer and narrator of: The Making of a Judge, a great resource currently being used at schools during the Black History Month. Linda continues her career as an actor, interviewer and spokesperson, and would like us to create an online portfolio website to feature her work and experience.


Live Case Study:

Linda’s website project is used as a live case study for the BUS 2504/FASH4500 Web Development course during Fall 2018 and Winter 2019.

ARI Award to Support Class Work:

Thanks to an award from Applied Research & Innovation, the funding is used to hire students from various Humber schools and programs to support the project in areas that are beyond the scope of the course. The following students will be joining us to support our class work during the semester.

WordPress Giuliano Vieira, The Business School
Graphic Design Ricky Martin, School of Media Studies
PWC – writer Allie Gregory, School of LAS
Photography Jonah Zapparoli, The Business School
Video editing Gabriel Davin, School of Media Studies



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Graphic Design:

During the first meeting, Linda discussed her brand with Ricky, and indicated that her favorite colours are black, white, and red. The slideshow below shows the process.

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