X-Ray Magic

Our Client:

Meet Ray, a professional magician who’s been entertaining guests of all ages for many years in Mississauga and the GTA. Ray is looking to improve his current online presence: http://www.saugamagic.com/

Live Case Study – Website Project:

This project is used as a live case study for the BUS 2504 Web Development/ FASH4500 e-Retailing course during Fall 2019. Ray’s website will be revamped using WordPress.com Premium plan (Campbell, 2018, pp. 15-28)

ARI Award to Support Class Work:

Thanks to an award from Applied Research & Innovation, the funding is used to hire students from various Humber Faculties and programs to support the project in areas that are beyond the scope of the course. The following students will be joining us to support our class work during the semester with various roles (Campbell, 2018, pp. 28-31):


Initial Meeting with Ray (Sept 10, 2019):

The team met with Ray to discuss the project requirements (Campbell, 2018, Chapter 3), and finalized a first draft of the Project Requirements Document

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Progress – Content Writing

Progress – Graphic Design 

  • Sept 16: Ray sent Brook logo inspirations, uploaded on the Google Drive
  • Sept 24: Graphic design and branding updates presented (Campbell, 2018, Chapter 2). Ray is happy with the direction of the initial concepts, the hands and cards concept will be refined for the next stage of digital roughs

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  • Oct 3, 2019: digital roughs were presented based on Ray’s initial preferred concept (hands with cards). However, he would like to have a different concept revised without the cards, and focusing on the “X” as he feels it’s more suitable for the “corporate” look.

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  • Oct 10, 2019: New revisions presented to Ray

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  • Oct 13, 2019: Ray requested final edits inspired by the following. Our graphic designers will follow-up after the reading week.

Progress – WordPress Themes

Class Work – Design Thinking 

Using Design Thinking process, templates, and the information available so far, the class will start with full analysis and assessment of Ray’s business and current website: http://www.saugamagic.com. Note that this an iterative, non-linear process, we will be revising and updating the documents throughout the phases of the process.

The following document includes Agendas and Meeting Minutes for the four team meetings scheduled during class time according to the Critical Path.

Phase 1: Empathize (Monday Sept 23, 219)

  • Empathy maps
  • Value proposition canvas
  • List of questions to the client (notes highlighted yellow in the Proj Req doc)

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Phase 2: Define (Monday Sept 30, 2019)

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Phase 3: Ideate (Monday Oct 7, 2019)

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Phase 4: Prototype (To be completed by our Research Assistant)

Phase 5: Test (Monday Nov 11, 2019)