FAQ / Registration (Breadth Electives)

Most degree breadth electives offered in the summer are online asynchronous classes, and these courses may have an on-campus final test. Please be reminded that breadth electives are available on a first-come/first-served basis; if your first choice is not available, you should register in another available Elective instead.

Fourth year students missing a breadth elective

Contact me if you are having issues enrolling in a specific “category” or “level” of breadth elective needed to graduate (see image below)

Restrictions on Upper Level Breadth Electives

When registration opens, upper-level breadth electives will be restricted to semesters 5-8 students. Restrictions will be lifted two weeks after registration opens, and students in semesters 1-4 will be able to self-enroll in upper-level breadth electives. Please pay attention to the campus “LA: Lakeshore”, and “NO: North” campus when enrolling in breadth electives.

Program Restrictions or Full Breadth Electives

The note below is from the Faculty of Liberal Arts regarding breadth electives:

  • You may register in any Elective that 1) has seats available and 2) does not have a restriction that applies to you. (Note: Restrictions are not errors.)
  • Some Electives fill up very quickly when Registration opens. Please note that we do not over-enroll classes, nor do we over-ride restrictions. If the Elective you want is full or if it has a restriction, you must choose a different Elective.
  • It is recommended that you enroll in an available Elective as soon as possible, even if it’s not your first choice of topic, day/time, and/or delivery method. You can then continue to monitor My Humber to see if a seat opens up in your preferred Elective before the last day to add courses.

Online Breadth Electives (with a campus location)

Please note that online breadth electives that have a campus attached to them mean that the course is offered online, but assessments will take place in-person, on campus. The screenshot below is an example, where the course is “online” but attached to the “North” campus, with no assigned day and time. This can be a problem during assessments as it may conflict with your in-person classes. Please check the breadth electives you’ve enrolled in to avoid this issue.