Registration Issues

Refer students for questions

  • Awards & scholarships <>
  • OSAP questions <>
  • Fees questions <>


You can apply to any program other than the Bachelor of Commerce at the Business School. As for transferring credits, this will depend on the program you’re applying to.

  • If students wish to permanently withdraw and leave Humber:

The student can submit an eform to withdraw from the program. The eform is available under the Student Records tab on MyHumber

The Reg. Office will then withdraw the student in the system so that the student does not continue to receive registration reminders. Alternatively, students can simply not pay and register, but they would continue to receive payment and registration messages.

Registrar’s Office – Confirmation of Enrollment

  • Students may request a Confirmation of Enrolment by submitting an e-form through MyHumber.
  • “You may print a Confirmation of Enrolment letter off your MyHumber account by clicking on Student > Student Records > Confirmation of Enrolment/Graduation.
    Then select ‘View enrolment’ for the semester you need.
    Please note: if your account is on hold, you will not have access to this service. If there is an error on your letter, please email”

LoP Letter of Permission / Transfer Credits

  • Questions about transfer, contact: <> 
  • Questions about Letter of Permission <>
  • Letter of Permission is to take a course at another institution and be sure the credit can be transferred to Humber
  • Minimum grade required to receive the LOP credit is 60 percent or more
  • This can only be issued to students in good standing – RQ’s can’t get it (if they want to take a course elsewhere while RQ for two semesters)
  • % of acceptable transfer credits: 25% of courses must be taken at Humber
  • Students can transfer up to 75% of the program, 25% must be complete at Humber as per our Residency requirement (6.6 Transfer Credit as Part of the Academic Record | Humber Academic Regulations)
  • The student will need to have all courses approved through a letter of permission before registering them
  • The student is to send the detailed course outlines of the courses to and then our records department will send them to you for approval.  If the student does not follow this process, the courses will not be transferrable back to Humber

Work Placement

Email to students to remind them of completing the summer work term before semester 8 registration 

Please be reminded that completion of your 420 hours (DIGI 3099 Paid Work Term) is a prerequisite to enrolment in your final semester. The prerequisites are typically checked and verified by the office of the registrar during the first week of the semester, and any students enrolled in courses without having completed the prerequisites are typically removed after the last day to add a course. Please connect with your Placement Advisor, if you need support or have any questions.

Do students pay for the Summer placement?

The placement fees are paid over the first 6 semesters, spread out at $110.00 per semester

Technology: WebEx, remote access

College Marketing / Course Outlines

Classroom Management / Communications

  • Emails to send before exams (view)
  • Humber / Hanadi letterhead template (Word doc)

Breadth Electives

When registering for breadth electives (from Melanie)

To ensure you only see the courses that you’re allowed to take in your program, please search for the Degree Breadth Electives using the Academic Progress function (by clicking on with Attribute DEGE” in the following…)

If you search using MyHumber directly, however, all of the courses that have been approved as Breadth are included and some of them will have program and semester restrictions meaning that you cannot take them.

How to see a list of all Degree Breadth Electives on MyHumber (from Melanie):

  • Go to “Registration”
  • Click on “Look Up Classes”
  • Enter correct term (e.g., “Winter 2018” but NOT “Winter 2018 CE”) & Click Submit
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Highlight ALL of the “Subjects”
  • Highlight Campus desired (Lake or North or online)
  • Under “Attribute Type” highlight “Degree Breadth Elective”
  • Click “Section Search”
  • [To find course description, click on blue CRN# & then “View Catalog Entry”]
  • [To find restrictions (i.e., to check if you can take course), click on blue course code/name (e.g., “SOCI 150 – Sociology: Introduction)]
  • Register for a course you want

Admissions (semester 1 after RQ)

When a student needs to apply through OCAS (after RQ, back to semester 1)

The rule is that if a student is taking a space in any Semester 1 course, they should reapply through OCAS.

However, if a student has more than 50% of their core courses (not counting the Liberal Arts and Sciences courses), we usually give them the benefit of a doubt and register them for Semester 2. They can reach back to get the Semester 1 courses they require.

For students coming back into B-Comms, we need to ensure that they have the math requirement for admission. 

If a student is prevented from registering into Semester 1 courses, due to their Academic Record reflecting that they are registered into a later semester, their Program Co-ordinator can work with the student to come up with a schedule and SAF them into the specific Semester 1 CRNs.

International / Study Aboard