Refer students for questions / submit eForm

  • Awards & scholarships <>
  • OSAP questions <>
  • Fees questions <> (outstanding fees, deposit payments, account balances, etc.)

General: Please submit an eForm through your MyHumber account by selecting Student > Student Records > Records/Registration E-form

All financial issues/financial holds/financial related questions are handled by the Registrar’s Office. Contact the Registrar’s Office at: 416-675-6622 x 3235. Or visit the link

  • (for PCs only Finance related questions / student accounts specialist)

Transfer Application

Registration (HOLD) Issues

Study Permit Hold:

Please ask the student to upload a valid study permit document through their MyHumber account:

To upload your documents, please use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser, log in to MyHumber and click on:

  • Applicant
  • Upload Documents

The student can contact the International Centre, if they need further assistance:

Reg Hold:

Please ask the student to contact the Office of the Registrar:

  • Email:
  • Phone: 416.675.3111 or toll-free at 1.877.675.5660, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

AR hold (Accounts Receivable):

1) Please ask the student to:

You can check your account balance on MyHumber to make sure the payment is made for the right term:

  • Log in to your MyHumber account (
  • Click ‘Student’
  • Click ‘Student Account & Fees’
  • Click ‘Account Detail for Term/Humber College Receipt’
  • Select a Term – Ex. Winter 2023 and click ‘Submit’
  • Review your balance under “account balance”

If you have other questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar:  

  • Email:
  • Phone: 416.675.3111 or toll-free at 1.877.675.5660, Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Explanation of registration hold / time to resolve:

If a student has a Registration Hold on their account it usually means they have not paid their tuition deposit.

  • If they have paid the deposit, then usually it means they just paid it and they think the hold will be removed in seconds.
  • If they pay by credit card the hold will be removed within the hour.
  • If they pay by bank transfer it can take 2 – 4 business days for the hold to be removed.
  • If a student pays their tuition deposit and selects the wrong term, for example they select Winter 2021 and they are paying for Summer 2021 the payment will stay on their account as a credit and will have to be manually transferred.

Students can check the type of hold and how to resolve it through MyHumber. The steps for students to check the reason for a hold and the resolution are provided on the registration page:

International Support

Contact international:

Support for International students:


You can apply to any program other than the Bachelor of Commerce at the Business School. As for transferring credits, this will depend on the program you’re applying to.

  • If students wish to permanently withdraw and leave Humber:

The student can submit an eform to withdraw from the program. The eform is available under the Student Records tab on MyHumber

The Reg. Office will then withdraw the student in the system so that the student does not continue to receive registration reminders. Alternatively, students can simply not pay and register, but they would continue to receive payment and registration messages.

Registrar’s Office – Confirmation of Enrollment

  • Students may request a Confirmation of Enrolment by submitting an e-form through MyHumber.
  • “You may print a Confirmation of Enrolment letter off your MyHumber account by clicking on Student > Student Records > Confirmation of Enrolment/Graduation.
    Then select ‘View enrolment’ for the semester you need.
    Please note: if your account is on hold, you will not have access to this service. If there is an error on your letter, please email”

Student Transcript

The student has two options:

  1. Access Student Academic Transcript (unofficial) in MyHumber off the student menu, save as PDF or take screen shot and save as image 
  2. Order an official transcript from MyHumber, student menu, records submenu. One cannot print those. Humber sends by mail so student must ensure that mailing address on account is up to date. It can take up to two weeks.


Students requesting a refund should use the form available on MyHumber: MyHumber –> Student –> Student Account & Fees –> Fee Refund Request eForm

For Humber’s refund policy see
If there are extenuating circumstances, you can appeal to the Registrar’s Refund Review Committee to consider your case on compassionate grounds.

Dropping a course after the “last day to drop without academic penalty” means:

The course and the grade will appear on your transcript. If you re-take the course, the higher grade will be used to calculate your GPA. However, both courses (and marks) will appear on your transcript.

Work Placement

Email to students to remind them of completing the summer work term before semester 8 registration 

Please be reminded that completion of your 420 hours (DIGI 3099 Paid Work Term) is a prerequisite to enrolment in your final semester. The prerequisites are typically checked and verified by the office of the registrar during the first week of the semester, and any students enrolled in courses without having completed the prerequisites are typically removed after the last day to add a course. Please connect with your Placement Advisor, if you need support or have any questions.

Do students pay for the Summer placement?

The placement fees are paid over the first 6 semesters, spread out at $110.00 per semester

Technology: WebEx, remote access

College Marketing / Course Outlines

Classroom Management / Communications

  • Emails to send before exams (view)
  • Humber / Hanadi letterhead template (Word doc)

Breadth Electives

When registering for breadth electives (from Melanie)

To ensure you only see the courses that you’re allowed to take in your program, please search for the Degree Breadth Electives using the Academic Progress function (by clicking on with Attribute DEGE” in the following…)

If you search using MyHumber directly, however, all of the courses that have been approved as Breadth are included and some of them will have program and semester restrictions meaning that you cannot take them.

How to see a list of all Degree Breadth Electives on MyHumber (from Melanie):

You can find a comprehensive list of DBEs by following these steps: 

  • Go to “Advisor”
  • Click on “Class Search”
  • Enter “Fall 2021” (NOT “Fall 2021 Continuing Education”)
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Highlight ALL of the “Subjects”
  • Enter “Degree Breadth Elective” in the Attribute box
  • Click “Section Search”

Students can find a similar list this way:

In the Student tab, click on Registration -> Click Register for Classes -> Select term (Winter 2023, NOT Winter 2023 Continuing Education) -> Insert Degree Breadth Elective in the Attribute box -> Check the Open Sections Only box  -> Click Search  A list of all the Breadth Electives will pop up.  You will still need to check for restrictions, as this list includes some that are not offered as Breadth this term. Be sure to scroll all the way down the list, as those near the bottom tend to have more seats available than those near the top

Admissions (semester 1 after RQ)

When a student needs to apply through OCAS (after RQ, back to semester 1)

The rule is that if a student is taking a space in any Semester 1 course, they should reapply through OCAS.

However, if a student has more than 50% of their core courses (not counting the Liberal Arts and Sciences courses), we usually give them the benefit of a doubt and register them for Semester 2. They can reach back to get the Semester 1 courses they require.

For students coming back into B-Comms, we need to ensure that they have the math requirement for admission. 

If a student is prevented from registering into Semester 1 courses, due to their Academic Record reflecting that they are registered into a later semester, their Program Co-ordinator can work with the student to come up with a schedule and SAF them into the specific Semester 1 CRNs.

From Alicia re transfer credits pre-admission

Due to the large volume of applications, Humber does not assess transfer credits pre- admissions. The transfer credit process at Humber is student driven. Once the applicant has been accepted to the program, they can then pursue the transfer credit process though Humber Transfer Options at

LoP Letter of Permission / Transfer Credits

  • Questions about transfer, contact: <> 
  • Questions about Letter of Permission <>
  • Letter of Permission is to take a course at another institution and be sure the credit can be transferred to Humber
  • Minimum grade required to receive the LOP credit is 60 percent or more
  • This can only be issued to students in good standing – RQ’s can’t get it (if they want to take a course elsewhere while RQ for two semesters)
  • % of acceptable transfer credits: 25% of courses must be taken at Humber
  • Students can transfer up to 75% of the program, 25% must be complete at Humber as per our Residency requirement (6.6 Transfer Credit as Part of the Academic Record | Humber Academic Regulations)
  • The student will need to have all courses approved through a letter of permission before registering them
  • The student is to send the detailed course outlines of the courses to and then our records department will send them to you for approval.  If the student does not follow this process, the courses will not be transferrable back to Humber

Math req / Alicia

Humber gives students the option of taking the math requirement during the first semester of their degree program. The course offered at Humber can only be taken during Semester one/Fall 2020. This course is specific to semester 1 of the commerce degree and students must complete it successfully in order to move onto semester two of the degree.  Registration takes place in July and we will send emails with more details prior to registration.

Degree to Diploma

  • We do not have a “pathway” from degree to diploma.
  • Domestic students will need to apply through OCAS.
  • International students will need to contact International about applying to the diploma
  • Once accepted, you can file the transfer credits.
  • Olga Greszata is the admission person for diplomas <Olga.Greszata@hanadialnawab

Application for Withdrawal

To permanently withdraw from your academic program or to suspend your studies for an academic term

7 years to complete the program

  • Students have 7 years from the time they start semester one until they finish (without having to reapply).  If they are going to exceed the 7 years, they have to reapply to continue, and at that point we have the right to not accept old courses that they took that may not longer be relevant, thus requiring them to do more courses.  And it is not automatic that we accept them back.
  • 7 years Max to complete the program is 175% of regular time, if longer, the student will need to re-apply – check with admissions
  • Normal course load is 5 courses per semester (the program is designed to be completed in 8 semesters based on 5 courses per semester)
  • Part time: up to 3 courses
  • Full time: 4 + course
  • Students pay full time fees for 4-6 courses
  • If this is for OSAP the threshold is different and the student will need to e-mail
  • For fees purposes, degree programs are considered full time when the student exceeds nine credits which is usually three courses. So yes, four or more courses will make the student full-time.

Readmission into the program

Readmission for semester 1 RQ due to poor grades:

  • If they don’t need to re-take majority of their semester 1 courses, then SAF into semester 2
  • If they need to take majority of their semester 1 course (take a seat) then they have to apply through OCAS
  • Also check the Math requirements – so best to refer them to Alicia

Readmission for Interrupted students

Readmission for Interrupted students required to withdraw

Those are students who have been out for 2 consecutive semesters, Michele sends them the following by email:

You are eligible to be re-admitted to the college in XXX 20XX. You need to write a letter/email addressed to me outlining how you intend to approach school differently so that you will be successful on re-entry. You also need to fill in the form below and email it back to me:

Please review the Academic Regulations and familiarize yourself with the requirements to achieve and remain in Good Academic Standing upon readmission into the program:

You will also need to check the Academic Calendar for important registration dates:

Thanks, and I look forward to supporting you throughout your academic journey

International / Study Aboard / Humber Global

Private website for Shopify Open Learning ideas and downloads

Enter using password: Open Learning

List of breadth and business electives

Breadth Electives

Business Degree Electives:

Student Appeal

Privacy Legislation

  • Due to privacy legislation, I am prohibited from communicating information about a student’s record to anyone other than the student. Please have the student communicate with me directly.

Letters of Reference (for students)

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a generic letter of reference.

Each educational institution has its own process for references. Typically, when you apply for a program, you will be asked to provide contact info of your references. The academic institution will then contact us directly, with login information and instructions, and we will submit the reference letter online, confidentially, directly to the institution. Each institution has its own format, list of questions and process. Therefore, a generic one is not usually used or accepted.

You will need to let me know which academic institution(s) will be contacting me, and the program(s) you’re applying for.


J&B Learning

BUS 3003 book: Dale, N., & Lewis, J. (2019). Computer Science Illuminated (7th ed.). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Susan Erickson <>

Cengage, Nelson, Thomson:

  • (Humber)

Pearson & Prentice Hall:

  • (maternity leave until August 4th, 2022)
  • (Josh Phillips and Daniela Avarino)

McGraw-Hill Ryerson:

  • (Connect related inquiries)
  • (Humber account) 
  • (mat leave until Jan 2023)


  • (Kasey Caldwell-Caines)

Logical Operations

  • Christine Harper <>

BUS 1500 publisher website:

Housing – Homelessness

The student can contact a Student Support and Intervention Coordinator, Hanan Jibril, at x 5112.
Hanan can assist this student to connect to housing resources in the community.

  • Jacqueline Anderson, RN, MN, CPMHN (C)
  • Associate Director, Student Wellness and Development,
  • Student Success and Engagement.
  • 416-675-6622 x 4534
  • 416-577-1760 (cell)


  • Humber Account # EBBB 1000 3751 7051 11

Career Connect (Antoniette and Placement Centre)

Test Center (Room WEL 307)

Campus Maps

IT Support

Blackboard Support

Please contact the student support here (this is for BB issues):

Expense reimbursement

Late Withdrawal:

Please contact the Office of the Registrar directly as this process is administered through them. You can call them during regular business hours <416-675-5000> or visit them at the Lakeshore Campus (WEL 106), or email them and they will share the process and forms.