The following are best practices to follow as you record a group presentation for an external client.

Structure of Your Recorded Presentation:

  1. Start your presentation with team introductions: each team member must have their camera on when introducing themselves, and when presenting
  2. Introduce your topic and agenda: start sharing your screen/content (PPT or other) after you’ve completed the team introductions
  3. Ensure smooth transitions between team members
  4. Conclude your presentation with your lessons learned and recommendations for next steps for your client

Important Notes About Recording Your Presentation:

  1. Use a tool of your choice to record your presentation (Zoom, MS Teams, or other)
  2. If you need to include a mobile demo, you can use screen casting or screen recording
  3. Upload your final video file to YouTube and make it “Unlisted” (not private) so I can view it and share it with the client
  4. Each team member must have a role in the presentation
  5. Total length of presentation: 10 minutes