DBM Students Attend Digifest 2017

This blog post is written by Tremaine Gordon on behalf of the group of students who attended Digifest.


Work. Learn. Play.  the theme that set the tone at this year’s DIGIFEST in 2017. It was also your daily itinerary. Your morning started off with Coffee and announcements, and then straight to work.  The Keynotes began almost immediately, and the audience started preparing questions. At each break you would get the chance to try out some tech hardware.  The Corus Quay Urban Tavern building itself had a mix of offices, innovative design, and even a slide. Each speaker gave a creative and informative presentation about something innovative happening somewhere around the world. We really enjoyed Cory Timpson’s talk about digital Storytelling at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The breaks gave everyone a chance to speak to people, and learn about some of the  creative displays (Mostly game developers and and virtual simulators). We took the time to get a photo-op with the banner on the main stage.

There were two speakers that really left the floor full of questions.

Andrew Lo Ah Kee from Godaddy, gave us an E-commerce perspective from 125 countries around the world. It concluded with him explaining that Toronto is the city of innovators, and entrepreneurs; and it’s known world wide.

"Toronto is a case study for the whole world.."

Satish Kanwar from Shopify spoke about synergy in the workplace and why a team of teams linked by one vision is the best possible work environment.

"Be a broken record with your vision, 
and create a team of teams that share that vision.."

We were able to speak with Satish after his presentation, and ask about the inner workings of Shopify.

Digifest 2017 was a fun experience that everyone could benefit from attending next year. It also gave the students a real feel for what to expect from the Digital Business Industry.



Christine Hagen shares her Summer Study Abroad experience in India 2016

Post by: Christine Hagen

My name is Christine Hagen and I am currently a second year Digital Business Management student. During my first year of studies at Humber, I really wanted to make my education count. I participated in various events and conferences outside of class time to learn more about my current program and the possible careers it had to offer.

My interest in studying abroad rose after taking a class on Social Entrepreneurship and learning about various entrepreneurs and how they decided to take their current path.

I figured this would be a great incentive to try out the Study Abroad program at Humber to see if I could come up with new innovative ideas. I researched more about the study abroad programs Humber offered and applied for India. I felt it was a good duration to overcome the “holiday” feeling and truly get a feel for living in the country. The India trip lasted four weeks.

While I was in India, I have learned more than I ever anticipated. I am often still learning principles taught in India, after being home for two months. My study abroad program has offered me insight on myself, others, and various situations.

For anyone looking to study abroad, I would recommend a summer program. It allows you to gain credits, while feeling like you are a tourist at the same time. Personally, I had the opportunity to learn about India and their culture, religions, ways of life, while learning more about who I am. What my personal morals and beliefs are and how I would do something differently. There are no true words to explain the experience I had. All I can say is I am thankful for the opportunity to go and I will cherish the memories and lessons I have learned for a lifetime.



Digital Business Management students attend IBM Watson Analytics workshop

Our Digital Business Management students, Christine Hagen and Irina Gorea attended the IBM Watson Analytics Workshop on Nov 16, 2015 and shared the post below with us.

Presenters: Khush Gill & Gandolfo “Randy” Messina (Global Academic Program Leader)


Kush provided the audience with a hand book with step by step instructions on how to use Watson Analytics. He showed us an overview of Watson Analytics and what we can accomplish using this program, which is based on the cloud, so no downloading necessary. We focused our attention on adding data into the program, and learning how to explore, refine, predict and assemble a dashboard. Watson Analytics is very user friendly, and is one of the only programs that allows you to ask it simple questions such as “How do the values of Satisfaction compare by Airline Name”? It is a great tool to use to gain some immediate information on where to focus future marketing efforts, or improve areas of the business.


Randy also has offered students who are interested free access to this product. So, for those students who would still like the opportunity to explore Watson Analytics are more then welcome to contact Randy (randymessina@us.ibm.com) in regards to trying out the program.