Women in Data Science Toronto Conference 2019

The 2nd annual Women in Data Science Toronto Conference coincides with the annual Global Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference held at Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide. The WiDS Toronto conference will demonstrate the broad applications of data science across different industries and shed light on the career journeys of women in data science. Everyone is invited to participate in the conference, which features exclusively female speakers.


Digital Main Street Forum

A group of the Digital Business Management Students attended this year’s Digital Main Street Forum at the Toronto City Hall. The day was filled with engaging presentations from Google, Microsoft, Rogers, Shopify and other experts in the digital industry.

Visit the City of Toronto for future workshops.

DBM Students Attend Digifest 2017

This blog post is written by Tremaine Gordon on behalf of the group of students who attended Digifest.


Work. Learn. Play.  the theme that set the tone at this year’s DIGIFEST in 2017. It was also your daily itinerary. Your morning started off with Coffee and announcements, and then straight to work.  The Keynotes began almost immediately, and the audience started preparing questions. At each break you would get the chance to try out some tech hardware.  The Corus Quay Urban Tavern building itself had a mix of offices, innovative design, and even a slide. Each speaker gave a creative and informative presentation about something innovative happening somewhere around the world. We really enjoyed Cory Timpson’s talk about digital Storytelling at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The breaks gave everyone a chance to speak to people, and learn about some of the  creative displays (Mostly game developers and and virtual simulators). We took the time to get a photo-op with the banner on the main stage.

There were two speakers that really left the floor full of questions.

Andrew Lo Ah Kee from Godaddy, gave us an E-commerce perspective from 125 countries around the world. It concluded with him explaining that Toronto is the city of innovators, and entrepreneurs; and it’s known world wide.

"Toronto is a case study for the whole world.."

Satish Kanwar from Shopify spoke about synergy in the workplace and why a team of teams linked by one vision is the best possible work environment.

"Be a broken record with your vision, 
and create a team of teams that share that vision.."

We were able to speak with Satish after his presentation, and ask about the inner workings of Shopify.

Digifest 2017 was a fun experience that everyone could benefit from attending next year. It also gave the students a real feel for what to expect from the Digital Business Industry.



Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference

The Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow has been designed to provide Toronto Area Entrepreneurs, whether budding or experienced, with the opportunity to expand their professional network, hear from experienced and successful entrepreneurs on tips and opportunities and learn what it takes to become successful and stay thriving.


iTech Toronto

See below for a great conference opportunity:


iTech is Canada’s leading IT technology conference and exhibition focusing on Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Data Centre and Mobility.

  • Discover new cutting edge products and services
  • Network and meet new people in the industry
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest technology trends
  • See technology in action through demonstrations
  • Local event right in your backyard!

Thursday November 17, Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Registration is free before Nov 1, 2016

Digital Media Summit

The Business School is offering four students from The Digital Business Management degree program the opportunity to attend the following event at a cost of $50.


If you are interested, please email me (hanadi.alnawab@humber.ca) with the subject line “Digital Media Summit”.

Below is more info about the event.


The Digital Media Summit is a one-day social media and interactive marketing conference bringing together the biggest brands to examine the growth and innovation of social and digital content. Professionals from all around the world will gather to discuss the business of content – from mobile to gaming and social media.

The Academic Registration Package includes access to all events at the Digital Media Summit including:

  •       Workshops
  •       Panel discussions
  •       Presentations
  •       Keynotes
  •       Interviews
  •       Networking opportunities

Bonus: Students will receive a 7-day Canadian Music Week Festival Wristband granting access to the Music, Film and Comedy Festivals during Canadian Music Week.

Digital Media at the Crossroads

The Business School will be offering five students the opportunity to attend the following conference at the University of Toronto:

Digital Media at the Crossroads; An Annual Conference on the Future of Content in Digital Media

Visit the following link for more details:


Please note that the cost of attending is $10 (non-refundable). To register, email hanadi.alnawab@humber.ca with the following:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Student number
  • Program

You will then be asked to see Stephanie in H214 to pay the fees and confirm registration.


FSOSS @ Seneca

The Business School will be sponsoring a group of students from the e-Business Marketing program to attend the FSOSS (Free Software and Open Source Symposium)  @ Seneca College


FSOSS 2015 will be celebrating 30 Years of Freedom on October 29-30. Keynote speakers include:

  •     Mark Surman, Executive Director, Mozilla Foundation
  •     Ruth Suehle, Community Marketing Manager, Red Hat

To register, email courtneymcoon@gmail.com by Monday October 5, 2015 with the following details:

  • Subject line: FSOSS registration
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • T-Shirt size (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • Allergies or Dietary Restrictions


Rebecca Clement attends “MailChimp” workshop and shares her experience

Our fourth year e-Business Marketing student Rebecca Clement attended the CampTech workshop “MailChimp” on July 21, 2015 and shared her experience with us.

On July 21, 2015 I attended a workshop on Email marketing with Mail Chimp, the class was put on downtown Toronto by a company called CampTech. This was both my first time attending a workshop by CampTech and using Mail Chimp. Being a beginner class it was the perfect opportunity for me to create an account and test out the benefits and limitations of this site for email marketing purposes. The class began with an introduction by the instructor and attendees at which we were asked what we hoped to gain from the class, it was evident that it was important to CampTech to provide relevant and useful information to all of those in attendance. The class ranged from having never used MailChimp (like myself) to those who have relative knowledge and use the site for their own, or current company to help with their mailing list. Additionally, three MailChimp representatives were attending via Skype for a look into the class from their perspective.

Through CampTechs open communication policy throughout the workshop it made it easy to ask questions and learn at your own pace. They had an assistant in the room who was also able to help out anyone requiring extra assistance or aid those who may have fallen behind.

What I Learned:

  • MailChimp provides an easy, creative and visually appealing set up to assist you in creating emails, notifications and promotional information to your clients
  • Through grouping clients into proper categories, you are able to provide information to the appropriate customers, those who will find the information being sent beneficial.
  • MailChimp offers an online analysis and history of your customer communication/participation to help you manage and effectively communicate to meet client specifications.
  • The atomization tool gives you the means to not only email the right people, but also email them at the correct time (time of day, time of year, etc.) to maximize the utilization of the email.
  • MailChimp integrates with other web services to help eliminate the hassle or headaches of payment and gathering information forms for your business purposes.
  • With MailChimp, you can create the standard messages on your account (intro letters, promo for sign-up, opt-in pages, opt-out pages, etc.) you can manage your clients (custom forms, segmentation and grouping) you are able to deliver relevant information (automation, email delivery, email client testing) ability to test the analytics (analyse report findings) you possess the ability to share campaigns and the service is available with mobile integration.

Courtney Coon attends “InDesign” workshop and shares her experience

Our fourth year e-Business Marketing student Courtney Coon attended the CampTech workshop “Desktop Publishing with InDesign” on July 28, 2015 and shared her experience with us.

Within the three hour hands-on session, Courtney was introduced to all the InDesign basic concepts, and followed detailed instructions leading to the creation of a postcard as a final product that was ready to be used as an interactive piece and one that was ready to go straight to the printer. Read more on the association’s website.

The e-Business Student Association will be organizing a student-led seminar where Courtney will be sharing her experience with her fellow e-Business Marketing peers.

InDesign-workshop-1 InDesign-workshop-2