Conferences Fall 2016

Attention all semester 5 students:

We will be attending the following two conferences as part of the BUS 3003 course and LAW 3001 course. Students who choose to attend will receive 2 bonus marks, upon submission of proof of attending (group pictures at the conference or other material).

The following in-class meetings will be cancelled, so you can attend the following conferences:

  • Friday Oct 28 (LAW 3001) to attend FSOSS with Prof. Marcos Cavenaghi
  • Monday Oct 31 (BUS 3003) to attend CASCON with Prof. Hanadi Alnawab

FSOSS: Free Software and Open Source Symposium

  • Thursday Oct 27 – Friday Oct 28, Seneca@York Campus, Toronto
  • (Cost was covered by the Business School for students who registered before Friday Sept 30)

CASCON 2016: Cognitive Computing and Cyber Physical Systems