Entrepreneurship 100: Conversations

Humber DBSA

I recently attended a series of panel events held by the Impact Centre at the University of Toronto. The two panels I attended included successful individuals discussing both social entrepreneurship and freelancing.

As a student who has recently faced the dreaded voyage of finding a summer internship, I have also been actively thinking about what career path I would like to go down—whether that be a web developer, marketing strategist, sports marketing specialist, or a business owner (you can see why I might be stressed out). The questions in my head: Should I do freelancing? What if I don’t make any money? Should I start my own business? Do I have the resources and time to do that? Needless to say, I was rather lost and consumed by my own doubtful thoughts.

Which leads me to attending the Entrepreneurship 100: Conversations panel series at UofT. The industry leaders that attended…

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